New microchip even more closer to provide an optical quantum computer

According to the editors of the publication, an international team of researchers has taken a big step toward creating an optical quantum computer, which has a huge research potential in various fields: from the creation of new drugs to accurately model the behavior of individual molecules. This was achieved through the development of an optical microchip to generate, control and detection of a certain state of light called squeezed vacuum.

New microchip even more closer to provide an optical quantum computer

During the creation of the device has a large team of scientists from all over the world, including Griffith University in Queensland, University of Münster in Germany, Australian National University, University of New South Wales in Canberra Center and quantum computing and communications technologies.

"What we have demonstrated with our devices is an important technological step towards the creation of an optical quantum computer, which will solve certain problems much faster than any modern car." - the researchers said.

The microchip 1 has a length of 5 cm, a width of 5 cm and a thickness of 0, 5 cm, and components installed inside, which interact with the light beam. These components are connected by small channels and waveguides, which guide light around the chip. In this approach, each formed by an interconnected network with another electrical circuit.

"In addition to the possibility of creating new drugs and materials, optical quantum computing will improve the energy-saving methods, as well as to carry out super-fast search in the database. They will also help to solve complex mathematical problems. "

According to the researchers, their experiments are the first step towards the creation of an optical quantum computer. This path includes 3 stages: generation of quantum states of light (what has been achieved and scientists), the manipulation of the states and their rapid reconfiguration.

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