An electronic tablet with remote control

In the near future approach to treating a variety of diseases may change dramatically due to the emergence of "electronic tablets." One such recently developed by researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Small gadget you need to swallow, after which it will provide drugs for a long time and even hold diagnose your health condition. Moreover, the tablet without any problems can be managed remotely.

An electronic tablet with remote control

According to the developers, the apparatus may be used to provide patients drugs for various diseases requiring long term treatment. In this case, the capsule can also detect any violations of health and release the right drug to treat the disease. For example, antihistamines in the development of allergies.

A tablet is made by the method of layered 3D-printing, and it allows her to "open" in the stomach after ingestion, as well as thinning of the layers, excreted from the body within 36 days after the start of use. Internal compartments can be filled with any drug, depending on the situation, and by means of sensors will give data on Bluetooth smart phone, tablet or other user device with a special application. From there it is possible to remotely control pills actions.

"Our system can provide a closed loop monitoring and treatment, in which the signal can cause the delivery of the drug or fine tuning of the dose." - said one of the study's authors, Professor Giovanni Traverso in an interview with Advanced Materials Technologies.

Thought authors and cybersecurity devices.

"Self-isolation of the wireless signal can protect your device from unwanted connections, providing physical isolation for added security and privacy."

At the moment, the tablet has not yet passed the test on humans. The first series of tests was carried out on a special layout, copies the upper sections of the gastrointestinal tract. But scientists argue that full tests can be completed within the next two years.

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