In cars Tesla appeared vulgar "Easter Eggs"

Elon Musk likes to make loud statements on Twitter about Tesla future projects. Because of them, it has moved from the post of head of the board of directors, and his "herd" during the interview caused checks SpaceX and Boeing to safety. Despite this, he continues also active on the Internet and recently announced the appearance in cars Tesla application where users immediately recognized "whoopee cushion." It turned out that the owner was not joking.

In cars Tesla appeared vulgar

Tesla car owners noticed that strange app Elon Musk hidden from view and made in the form of "Easter eggs." In a special window the user is prompted to choose the moment when the car will play "farting" sounds instead of including turn signal or upon request.

Each sound is given a separate name that is mockingly alludes to projects Elon Musk. For example, "Not a Fart" is a reference to the flamethrower The Boring Company, and "Neurastink" - a direct allusion to the company to create Neuralink implanted in the human brain-computer interface. Also on the list have mentioned the rocket Falcon Heavy, cars Tesla and companies The Boring, digging tunnels for high-speed platforms. In the update, there are more decent "Easter eggs." It includes the main screen car video fireplace, warm interior starts and plays romantic music. It seems that this is the best option for the users entertainment during the winter holidays.

This is not the first surprise from Tesla software developers. A year ago, in December of 2017 users found "Santa Claus mode", which is activated cry "Ho-Ho-Ho !!!". The cabin starts to play Christmas song, and on the dashboard there is Santa on reindeer sleigh.

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