Windows 10 can now update on each computer

Windows is the most popular operating system for personal computers. Although there are many other operating systems, mainly related to numerous Linux family (which is based on the core OS Android), the majority of the PC running the operating system from software giant Microsoft. It is reported that now every computer with Windows 10 is ready to receive updates, which for a long time prevented the errors and incompatibilities with software and "iron".

Windows 10 can now update on each computer

Microsoft was able to eliminate a number of bugs lock that prevented installation of updates for October 2018 for a number of users of the Windows 10 operating system, said Tom Warren (Tom Warren) in the pages of Last month, the software giant released the update in question again because the initial release notes bugs that lead to the removal of the files.

Microsoft has provided updates for sovmestmost October 2018 with all computers running Windows 10

Microsoft has done work on the fact that each computer can get an update - in a number of systems before installation was blocked because it was attended by incompatible software or hardware drivers. Some of these bugs lock included compatibility problems with iCloud, VPN and providing security software from Trend Micro software clients.

Microsoft has on its support site notes that the Windows Update October 10, 2018 Update is now available for installation by experienced users who manually choose in Windows Update to check for updates option. This means that each computer that is running Windows 10 is now ready to receive an update of the operating system in October this year, and PC users can install the proposed updates.

Microsoft is now planning to focus on as a Windows 10, as in the current year updates sometimes observed errors. However, Windows is very difficult to test the operating system, because the devices are different and "iron" significant management and operating under its drivers and software. After the OS is installed on more than 700 million devices.

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