Microsoft has found a new tool against viruses

What antiviral agent may be better than a one-time operating system designed exclusively for the specific application and is removed after completion of the work with him! It is proposed to develop a software solution Windows operating system software giant users. Thus, the operating system is Windows 10 from Microsoft will be able to run unknown applications in a special "sandbox" that will be a particular obstacle to the effect of the software on the operating system as a whole.

Microsoft has found a new tool against viruses

Microsoft is trying to reduce the risk of an unknown start ".exe" -file on the user's computer. Some experienced users for unknown applications using virtual machines. But the Microsoft has developed a simple way to run applications in Windows 10 in an isolated environment. Windows the Sandbox, says Tom Warren (Tom Warren) in the published note - a new feature of Windows 10, which will appear next year. It allows you to run a specific application in a temporary work environment, isolating the program in the created especially for her, "sandbox".

Windows Sandbox - new feature in Windows 10 to run unknown applications

Safety reporting software solutions provided by the fact that the working environment is created by a one-time. After starting an application, "sandbox" is removed. Eliminating the need to configure a virtual machine, but need to be included in the BIOS support for virtualization. Microsoft will make a new Windows feature the Sandbox part of the Windows 10 and Windows 10 Pro Enterprise. After considering the possibility is intended primarily for business users.

This smart function works as follows - whenever activated Windows Sandbox, creating a new easy installation of Windows (up to 100 megabytes), specially designed to run a specific application. To create a separate kernel, isolated from the operating system installed on the PC, Microsoft has used its own hypervisor (operating system software).

Windows 10 testers will be able to try a new feature that Microsoft will release build 18305 or a later version. In his blog, the software giant has reviewed the technical details of Windows Sandbox function.

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