Tesla increased the safety of their vehicles simply by changing the lamp

Car manufacturers are trying to achieve the maximum safety of its equipment. To do this, they are fitted with their protective systems, automatic piloting, strong body and really achieve good results. In September of electric cars Tesla Model 3 proven to be safe in the spectacular crash tests but, as we know no limit to perfection. As it turned out, that at times increase the rate of the security she needed only to change the lights.

Tesla increased the safety of their vehicles simply by changing the lamp

The assessment of transport safety is engaged in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety IIHS. In 2016, he began to pay attention to even the headlights, as statistics show that half of all fatal crashes in the United States took place at night or in the sparse traffic.

Institute for several years trying to convey to the manufacturer that is not enough to equip cars with bright lights and accurate - it is important to properly configure. When checking headlamp technology experts promote the automatic inclusion of light and changes in the emission angle.

Lights play an important role in the prevention of night accidents, but they do not all work the same way. There are differences in the types of lamps, lighting technology, direction and amount of light.

Cars Tesla Model 3 could not get the maximum safety rating because of the headlights - the institution has always given it an average score. In particular, the problem was the uneven illumination of the road - on the left side if the lighting was good, the right side has always remained in the dark.

Company Tesla has finally listened to the advice of the Institute, and updated headlights. Excellent visibility on both sides of the road have received copies, issued after July 2018. Owners of older models, unfortunately, continue to be satisfied with uneven lighting.

With all of this institution believes that Tesla can make the lights even better. For example, a company can adapt them to driving on winding roads, where the lights again becomes asymmetric.

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