Samsung:-2019 TV control all devices

A computer. It was so short you can call almost any modern device. And not only PCs, but also smartphones, tablets and even smartwatch are just computers, despite significant differences in form factor. Traditionally, the largest screen - at the TV and it was his, and not a small phone display, and even a laptop, sometimes it would be preferable to use. Samsung has said about the TV that she will delight in the new year. And the ability to connect the keyboard and mouse - just one of the new features.

Samsung:-2019 TV control all devices

Samsung announced a new feature of the TVs that the company will release in 2019. Users will be able to control your TV using the whole complex of the most common modern devices - computers, tablets and smartphones. The company also stressed that the new feature is the Remote Access provides the ability to connect to the TV series of accessories - for example, a keyboard or mouse. This, as the Karman Ashley (Ashley Carman) pages, will play in the game (broadcast from the computer), or play the web-based office services on a large screen.

Remote Access from Samsung smartphones will provide management, tablet and PC TV

To date it is not clear how this will work, because no details have not yet been reported. It seems that users have installed on their various devices certain applications, allowing them to interact with each other.

Samsung and VMware will make available to all Remote Access

Samsung notes that the Remote Access will work "around the world" through a partnership with VMware and its infrastructure "virtual computer systems." This technology enables users to access specific "virtual machines" stored on a central server. The idea is to allow users to access your computer from anywhere. virtual machine shutdown is carried out at the end of the user session with her.

The decision, which will please the Samsung in the next year can be incredibly useful for those users who want to play games on your big screen TV without using a HDMI-cable. Useful new solution will be for presentations.

Samsung has long known how to turn a smartphone into a PC

It seems that Remote Access is a long-term project of Samsung to provide this level of interaction between devices, when it will not play a role - which of them originally posted the content. DeX and DeX Pad from Samsung are well-known solutions which allow virtually turn a smartphone Samsung Galaxy to your desktop computer. Earlier it was reported that Samsung TVs in 2019 can find application Google Assistant. We can only wait, when among other major high-tech news, continuously published, not only online, but also in the Telegram-channel, the message about the announcement of the new line of Samsung televisions and impressive technical details.