How many times will celebrate the New Year of the crew of the ISS?

Working on the International Space Station - is not only strenuous duty, experiments and full of dangers spacewalks. The crew of the station is allowed to celebrate various holidays and in accordance with the culture and preferences. In this case, one of the most interesting in this regard is the New Year, because unlike us, are in the same time zone, the astronauts are in constant motion around the Earth. So, flying in orbit, they can mark the coming of the next year, a lot of times.

How many times will celebrate the New Year of the crew of the ISS?

It should be noted that the first to orbit the New Year greeted Soviet cosmonauts Georgi Grechko and Yuri Romanenko in 1978 aboard the station "Salyut".

A few days ago on the official channel "Roscosmos" has been posted on Youtube New Year's greetings from the Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko. The full version of the video greeting is available at the end of the article. Oleg said that this time the crew of the International Space Station will meet the upcoming 2019 15 times. In general, depending on the position of the station in the new year it may come, and 16 times. Oleg Kononenko said that 2018 was the anniversary of the ISS since its construction began 20 years ago in 1998. Also cosmonaut conveyed his wishes and gratitude.

"Thanks to the talent and professionalism of designers, engineers and astronauts from different countries in our cosmic home worked for 58 major international expeditions, the crews of which have become one big family orbit. I am happy to be a member of this family, and I congratulate all my colleagues on the anniversary. Let's take care of this world, all that is in it, and enjoy every minute of it, because dreams do come true, Happy New Year! "- leads words cosmonaut RIA-Novosti.

It is an interesting fact that, as previously reported, this time on the ISS brought tangerines. Citrus, with no fragrance that can not do any New Year. As the head of department of the Institute of Nutrition of Biomedical Problems (IBMP) Alexander Agureev,

"At station 4 taken kg of apples, tangerines 3 kgs 3 kgs and grapefruit. Also, the crew asked to bring 10 jars of caviar. It is usually delivered to the ISS oranges, mandarins because income is not in very good condition. However, in honor of the New Year celebrations, it was decided to make an exception. "

How many times will celebrate the New Year of the crew of the ISS?

Happy New Year to you! Do not forget to congratulate their loved ones, as well as members of our chat Telegram.