As the Pacific holds back global warming

It is not the first day of the phenomenon known as global warming. However, given how long, according to scientists, this process is, we had to clearly feel his presence. According to the editors of the journal Science, for "maintaining balance" may well meet the Pacific Ocean. The fact that, despite the fact that its surface layers keep the temperature at about the same level, the deep ocean at the same time, cool, that, in general negates global climate change.

As the Pacific holds back global warming

The data obtained by experts from the Oceanographic Institute in Woods Hole, and Harvard University.

"Climate change over time. This is a natural process. "- says one of the authors of Peter Gyuybers, professor of planetary and earth sciences from Harvard University. "The water, which is now at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, was on the surface before the start of the Little Ice Age, in the IX-XII centuries. When the temperature began to decrease, it became colder and denser, sinking to the bottom. Our goal was to develop a model of how the internal characteristics of the oceans respond to climate change on the surface. "

The scientists created a computer simulation of these processes and it confirmed their guesses. But it was not enough and they used weather data and temperature measurements of deep layers of the Pacific Ocean, made the 80-ies of the last century. After comparing these figures with modern proved that cold layers are located at a depth of two kilometers and deeper. And they continue to cool.

"Deep layers offset about 30% of the heat absorbed by the oceans in the XX century. This is roughly the amount needed to bring the ocean into equilibrium with the atmosphere. The air temperature increases due to greenhouse gases, but the depths of the ocean compensate cooling water. Understanding these processes will allow a better understanding of global warming. "

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