SpaceX will dismiss 10% of its employees to focus on what's important

Aerospace company private space transportation that will take us to Mars one day, reduces 10% of the workforce, almost immediately after the first successful launch of a rocket for a satellite operator Iridium. The news, first published by LA Times and confirmed by SpaceX, suggest that the company has some financial pressure as it tries to launch two ambitious projects from scratch.

SpaceX will dismiss 10% of its employees to focus on what's important

Why SpaceX fired from

More than 6,000 people work at SpaceX currently. It is not clear what SpaceX units will be affected. The company is a serious year: you will experience the Crew Dragon to send astronauts to the International Space Station, launch two Falcon Heavy, deploy the first satellites Starlink and start testing the Mars Starship vessel.

In a statement sent to The Verge, SpaceX announced the following:

"In order to continue to fulfill the obligations to customers and achieve success in the development of interplanetary spacecraft and global space of the Internet, SpaceX needs to become more focused company. Any of these developments, even if we take individually, ruining others. This means that we have to part with some talented and hard-working members of our team. We are grateful for all they have achieved, and for their commitment to SpaceX mission. This decision shall be made only because of the extremely complex problems to be solved, otherwise necessary, "it would not be in this.

Layoffs due to the fact that companies that derive geostationary satellites into orbit, require fewer runs. "The market is very soft. He was so in the past year, will be in it and I do not know what needs to change in the next, "said SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell in September.

SpaceX receives about 2, 5 billion dollars in revenue a year from contracts with organizations such as NASA, and companies like Iridium. Exact figures no one can say, as a private company.

Creating a new generation of missiles and launch systems, such as the Mars Starship, as well as spacecraft for manned flights, the event is not cheap. SpaceX received her first loan of $ 250 million last year and may be trying to raise another $ 500 million.

The company is also exploring new sources of cash flows, such as space tourism. He could have become a huge source of income, but that the company must ensure that it will be enough resources to ensure that her car left the ground.

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