In Dubai will sell coffee made in space

Startup of the UAE under the name Space Roasters declares that invented the best way to roast coffee beans for making perfect coffee. How? With the atmosphere, of course. More precisely, by means of intense heat which is created inside a special capsule running on rkaete carrier in space. In reverse the descent capsule into the atmosphere will be heated, and the ideal conditions for roasting coffee beans will be created inside it, the sponsors say.

In Dubai will sell coffee made in space

In an interview with the magazine founders Room Space Roasters companies, young entrepreneurs and Hatem Alhafadzhi Anders Cavallini said that space - it's a new level, and at the same time an ideal environment for making better coffee.

"For many centuries, roasting coffee beans was carried out according to the same technology. Space research has led to improvements in a number of technologies that we use in everyday life today, so we believe that the time has come to create a revolution in the production of coffee using space technologies ", - commented the founders of Space Roasters.

The company has developed and patented a "space capsule for coffee roasting." It is divided into four cylindrical sections each of which is placed 75 kg of coffee beans.

In Dubai will sell coffee made in space

Scheme space capsule for coffee roasting In terrestrial conditions the coffee beans come into contact with red-hot brazier, because of what often burn and crack. But in space, due to weightlessness, when re-entering the ship back to the atmosphere, they will float freely within the capsule uniform and to brown at a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius, acquiring perfect flavor and aroma.

"The entire process will take only about 20 minutes, but after opening the hatch of the capsule you will wait for the perfect aroma of freshly roasted coffee" - say the authors of the project.

In spite of the fact that the company announced its intention in the next month to begin accepting pre-orders for its product, its price has not been announced. However, given the current cost of space launches, to guess how much it will cost you a cup of coffee this is a snap.

Authors of the project report that are discussing his ideas with several private aerospace companies, including Rocket Lab and Blue Origin. The latter has never called itself the cost of launching its missiles, but the launch of the missile is estimated Electron same Rocket Lab 6 million.

According founders Space Roasters, by weight of the capsule together with the load of coffee beans would be 500 kilograms. The capsule is scheduled to run at a height of 180-200 kilometers above the Earth's surface. As the portal Ars Technica, booster Electron able to withdraw this amount of payload to a height at Rocket Lab and does not indicate it in the technical specifications of its missiles. Let's say that Space Roasters can launch a capsule weighing 500 kg on a sub-orbital altitude of 180 kilometers. Also assume that all 300 kg of coffee beans could perfectly fry. On this basis it appears that the cost of a kilogram space coffee will be 20 000 dollars. As each cup of coffee contains from 10 to 15 grams of coffee beans. Thus, each cup of roasted coffee in space will cost (even under the most conservative estimate) to $ 200. If you add the cost of development and the creation of the capsule (the sponsors did not say whether it will be reusable), marketing costs and other costs, it turns out that the space of coffee is likely to cost at least $ 500 per cup.

Are you ready to shell out $ 500 for a cup of coffee? If not, the founders of start-up will not be offended, because they focus on a completely different market - Dubai - and we intend to carry out the first launch of capsule coffee roasting in space in the next year.

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