NASA administrator told about the nearest plans of the agency, Mars and aliens

In December, the deputy head of department of scientific missions, space agency NASA Thomas Zurbuhen working visit to Boston University, where he delivered a speech and answered a few questions from students about how a person can go to Mars, about its relation to the emerging space tourism, as well as the biggest issue of the universe, which scientists try to solve all the world.

NASA administrator told about the nearest plans of the agency, Mars and aliens

Of all the great mysteries of the universe, on which one you really want to get the answer?

Is there life beyond Earth? I think there is. But we have no proof. To explain this, I think, can be that we have seriously underestimated the nature. we were not just a few years ago, sure, whether there can be water, or complex molecules beyond Earth. But it turned out that the answer to these questions was much easier than expected. We find them everywhere, even in the polar craters of Mercury. The process of the origin of life was much easier than we thought. Therefore, a high probability that it exists somewhere else.

You yourself were not in space. Ever wanted to try?

Had to go into space, it would also just like to fly, for example, in Paris, I would fly. Right now. But this is impossible. I can not afford to spend weeks and months on the need for space flight training and preparation.

What do you think about the idea of ​​space tourism?

I think it's terrific. Anyone who has traveled in space agrees that this is a unique and very important experience. I compare it to the conquest of the top of a very tall mountain. Only the highest mountains conquered thousands of brave men, and in space summer only about 500 people. How else can we offer the opportunity to get this unique experience to others, if not with the help of space tourism? If you continue with the theme of the uniqueness of the experience ... NASA plans to send explorers to Mars. Many space missions that have been and are yet to be - they allow to accumulate valuable experience and knowledge that will be useful in this journey. In your opinion, when people are ready for it?

I would say that about the middle of the 2030s. However, a lot of work to make it happen. You need to send more people into low Earth orbit to eventually answer the important question of whether we are able to survive in outer space?

That hinders to answer this question now?

Cosmic radiation, with much more intensive removal of protecting the Earth magnetic field. The further we move away from the Earth, the more difficult it becomes a challenge to preserve the life of the astronauts, because more time is required in order to get to a safe place. Hours turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. We need to develop a system of full autonomy. Since the distance increases and the complexity of communications as the speed of light is finite. When it comes to work on Mars, we need full autonomy. From the control center on Earth is quite easy to control the landing on the moon system, because we are divided is not such a great distance. On Mars, this will not work.

How do you think will look first expedition to Mars?

The crew of the first manned mission to Mars will be numerous, because the greater the mission, the harder it is to implement from a technical point of view. I think that the crew will consist of four to eight people, not twenty. Send too small a crew of one or two people is also not an option - it will be too difficult to solve any problems that may arise during the execution of the mission. You said that diversity is very important to

Without personal diversity is not possible to achieve real innovation. Many studies link between the personal diversity and excellence in innovative ideas. If you need a team, able to imagine the future better than anyone else, you need people with a different culture, race, gender. At the same time, the group thinking can not be called perfect tool for creating excellence. This approach is ideal if you need to make a quick solution to the problem, a question, a problem, but not excellent.

Space Exploration will open to humanity a way for life beyond Earth?

No matter what the answer to this question, it is important that we maintain our home planet habitable. To think otherwise is dangerous. I sometimes penetrating ideas possible terraforming other planets, but to date the Earth - our only home. Fanaticism, born in the heads of people, leading us to global catastrophe and it is necessary to make great efforts to preserve itself as a species.

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