A vaccine against pneumonia, which kills millions of people a year

According to the World Health Organization, the cause of 16% of deaths in children under 5 years is pneumonia - in 2015, 920 000 cases were reported. If you take the total figure, the bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae is a major causative agent of serious disease kills about 2 million people a year. Of course, scientists have created a pretty effective vaccine against infection, but they affect only certain strains of which a great many. Researchers from the Australian company GPN Vaccines insist that created a vaccine that is effective against all kinds of deadly bacteria.

A vaccine against pneumonia, which kills millions of people a year

CEO James Paton explained that the most effective at the moment the vaccine against pneumonia affects the complex carbohydrates that cover the outer part of the pneumococcus. This vaccine, which costs $ 100 per injection, only covers 13 types of complex carbohydrates from the 98 existing ones. Instead, to increase the coverage, the company has decided to go the other way and create a vaccine, the impact on the surface proteins that are common to all types of infection.

To create it, researchers from the GPN Vaccines teamed with professors from the University of Adelaide. vaccine created by them is called Gamma-PN and is a strain of pneumococcus, which was cultured and inactivated by exposure to gamma rays. It has been tested on animals - in fact, they were able to avoid the death of many species of bacteria. Researchers have already received additional funding and carry out tests on the toxicity of the vaccine. The company intends to increase the volume of clinical products, and then to conduct the first clinical trials on humans. Developers are confident that the new vaccine will not only protect people from the dangerous disease, but also allow them to rely less on antibiotics, which may be necessary in more serious illnesses.

In 2017, scientists from Uganda made an equally important contribution to the fight against pneumonia. They have created a jacket under the unusual name "Mother Hope", which helps to diagnose the disease.

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