First "reusable" rocket plane developed in Russia. Here's how it will look

In Russia started developing the first "shuttle" of the aircraft. Unmanned rocket plane took the company "IONS", which provided a new apparatus publication RIA Novosti image. It is expected that with its help it will be possible elimination of the payload into orbit.


The device will be powered by a rocket engine 14D30 - he used to boosters "Briz-M". With it will be possible to fly at an altitude of 160 kilometers (satellites orbiting altitude of 500 kilometers). The unmanned rocket plane designed by no less than 50 flights.

"IONS" also provided a breeding scheme spacecraft into orbit. Rocket plane can be used several times, as in the initial stage of the flight will be used by the carrier aircraft (M-55 "Geophysics"). To carry out its planned landing using parachutes.


According to the developer company, the machine is not being used for shock purposes, nor does it exclude the possibility of drone exports. He also said that only Russian components will be used when creating a rocket plane. Development of the project of the first "shuttle" Russian aircraft cost 55 million rubles. That's how much the company has received "IONS" from the corporation "Project engineering" and the fund "Skolkovo". The cost of the second stage of works is estimated at 280 million rubles: some, again, cover the "Skolkovo", and the remaining funds will come "from other investors." The development of the rocket plane is carried out in the interests of "Roscosmos".

Its unmanned spaceplane also develops the American Boeing company, which released the machine X-37B for the US Air Force. After the fifth run, it spent in orbit over 500 days.


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