Found brain that makes people laugh and feel euphoria

A surgical operation on the brain - an extremely complex process, during which the patients sometimes important to stay awake. It is necessary that the surgeon at any time he could talk to the person and to ensure the proper operation of its language, sensory and emotional functions. Of course, it is very disturbing and unpleasant time, the patient may panic, so scientists are constantly looking for the most secure method of calming. Recently it revealed that patients can relieve panic stimulating specific brain region responsible for laughter and euphoria.

Found brain that makes people laugh and feel euphoria

The discovery was made at the time of diagnosis of seizures in a patient with epilepsy. When her brain electrodes were implanted, the doctor noticed that when exposed to a brain region called the cingulum, the patient began to laugh and share that experienced "a pleasant, relaxed feeling." This area of ​​the brain surrounds the midbrain from frontal to temporal lobe and previously suspected of involvement of developing depression.

Relaxing feature of this part of the brain was to be used during surgery on the brain of the patients. Doctors it was important that it remained in the consciousness and do not panic. Unfortunately, after waking up from general anesthesia, she began to worry much, but after stimulation department Cingulum immediately calmed down and even started telling funny stories about his family. The same approach was also applied to two other patients. The effect was the same - they immediately felt calm and orderly conduct of the operation. During one of them agreed to undergo tests for memory and for the most part showed good results. However, researchers have noticed that sometimes he had trouble with the pronunciation of words - perhaps this is one of the adverse incentive effects.

To ensure safety, the scientists will conduct further studies. If all goes well, it will be actively used in brain surgery. It is also believed that stimulating the brain department can help in the treatment of depression and bouts of pain.

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