Prices for Model 3 are even closer to the promised 35 thousand dollars

Tesla has reduced the price of the Model 3 at $ 1,100, with the result that the starting price of the cheapest model dropped to $ 42 900 excluding the additional body kit. All three versions of the car showed the same decline in prices, including the rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive and performance models. According to Tesla Elektrek representative words, the reduction was mainly due to the termination of the referral program of 1 February, which, according to the company is much more expensive than we thought.

Prices for Model 3 are even closer to the promised 35 thousand dollars

reduces the cost of the Tesla Model 3

Initially referral program was aimed at increasing demand due to word of mouth marketing, but long lines on vehicles that are not yet ready to show that this is no longer necessary.

Cheapest Tesla is now worth $ 34 850 after the application of the federal tax credit (well, it is for US residents), which in July will be reduced by half, which actually add 1875 dollars to the cost of the car. Price Car 35 000 dollars without any discounts - this is the main goal for Model 3. This target price, which reflects both the availability and the mass-market scale. Nevertheless, he Elon Musk said that to achieve such a price "will be very difficult." Musk has openly declared the need to increase the production rate and improve the design of the production, to reduce the prices of their cars on the way to an elusive goal as long as 35 000 dollars per machine. In a January letter, with whom he also sent out dismissal, Musk said that the company needs to achieve greater economies of scale if it is to release a version of Model 3 35 000 dollars, "and stay afloat."

Meanwhile, in Europe, where only the first supply of Model 3, the cheapest model Model 3 is the all-wheel drive version with two engines, the starting price of which is not less than 53 500 euros (about 60,000 US dollars) began to arrive. But Musk attributes this to higher VAT and import duties.

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