It created a fiber which can be a "skin" for robots

Unfortunately, scientists have not yet invented the perfect material, which has all the properties at once - as long as it sounds like science fiction. Nevertheless, they are working on a universal fiber that can be used in the maximum number of devices, ranging from cars to robotics. A team of researchers from North Carolina State University approached this by presenting a wire having both strength and flexibility. Perhaps he would make an excellent material for the protection of the domestic robots.

It created a fiber which can be a

The created researchers fiber has a core of metallic gallium and wrapped elastic polymeric shell of styrene, ethylene and butylene. Initially, a metal wire strength, but core dissolving a portion of it can be stretched to seven times its original length. Gallium, which is inside, has a melting point just 30 degrees, so after returning to the original state fibers can easily recover and regain strength.

It created a fiber which can be a

According to the study author Michael Dickey, do not need a large force to stretch the polymer shell. This means that the woven fibers of the material can be covered with the moving parts of robots. Being immobile, they will be fully protected, while moving freely stretch and strengthen again when stopped. Due to the filling of gallium, the fiber can withstand the weight of 15 000 times its own weight.

Development of new materials is continuously. A team of scientists from the University of California at Los Angeles recently succeeded in creating a strong and lightweight material, which in the future will be used for the protection of rockets and vehicles against high temperatures.

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