Elon Musk would like to fly to the "Dragon." And yet, to build a lunar base, together with NASA

After the first successful launch of a spacecraft Crew Dragon company SpaceX, designed to deliver US astronauts to the International Space Station, NASA space agency conducted in Space Center. Kennedy's press conference, which was attended by the head, and the private space company Elon Musk. After hearing the greeting, Musk said that he would not mind one day fly to his company created the spacecraft.

Elon Musk would like to fly to the

Recall that the morning of March 2 with a launch pad LC-39A Space Center. Kennedy in Florida as part of the 6-day demo mission Demo-1 successful launch of the carrier rocket Falcon 9 was made with the spacecraft Crew Dragon. On board ship, went to the ISS, there was no one, unless, of course, except for the dummy "Ripley" (named after the heroine of sci-fi thriller "Alien"), as well as a plush toy in the shape of the Earth, placed into the machine as an indicator of the state of weightlessness . Dummy "dressed" to the prototype space suit SpaceX and equipped with various sensors, which led monitoring of the environment inside the vehicle. This information will assist in the preparation is already real missions sending astronauts into orbit.

In addition, Crew Dragon to the ISS took 182 kilograms of food, scientific equipment and materials. As part of the MCS ship will stay for five days and then come out of orbit and splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean, and from there it will take a rescue ship.

"Today is a big day for the US and for NASA. Today, a new era of space flight start for us, "- he said during a press conference, head of the US space agency Jim Braydenstayn.

Spacecraft Crew Dragon was established in the framework of Commercial Crew Program (CCP) - a multi-stage NASA program for the development of private manned spacecraft to deliver astronauts to the International Space Station, to which the Agency has allocated a total of $ 8 billion. The program was launched after the 2011 US decided to close the program operating space shuttles for security reasons and the high cost of start-ups - about 1, 5 billion dollars for one.

In a general sense, he added Braydenstayn, the new program aims not only to the United States the possibility of returning to independently conduct manned space launches, but also that, in order to reduce their costs, paving the way for more people to visit space.

"It took 17 years, but has not yet sent anyone into space. We hope that this year we can do it. Not only for me but for other people it will be a wonderful SpaceX culmination of long and hard work of a dream come true ", - said Musk, referring to the history of the company was founded SpaceX in 2002.

The flight into space

Elon Musk would like to fly to the

After the machine Crew Dragon docked with the airlock module "Harmony" of the American segment of the ISS, cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko and astronaut David Saint Jacques on board the station, took air samples in the "Dragon", tested the masks, we reported on land of well-being in them. By the way, Oleg Kononenko is not the first time I meet on board the new ship ISS SpaceX. In May 2012 the first private dock truck Dragon, he met the crew of ISS Expedition 31 under the command of Oleg Kononenko. This dock was for the SpaceX team is very exciting. Despite the fact that before SpaceX successfully sent to the ISS 16 cargo spacecraft, they docked with the station using a special robotic arm. At this time the company has pioneered the use of automatic docking mode. Its analysis will allow SpaceX professionals deal with many technical processes that can not be modeled on the Earth. They are crucial for understanding the structure and systems ability to maintain flight crew.

"To be honest, I feel emotionally drained. Because it was a very stressful stage for us. But it happened successfully. We docked to the station. Now we need to return the ship back to Earth. So far, so good. We have been one of the most critical and risky stages of this mission, "- said Musk in the press conference.

The head of the private space company added that "the smartest people working in SpaceX, had to perform a crazy amount of hard work" to create Crew Dragon and "a great contribution to this effort, NASA has made."

Asked by journalists about what would not like Musk personally ride on the "Dragon", he did not hesitate to give an affirmative answer.

"I would be happy to fly on this machine. I think it is perfectly suited for this. Still, better to wait for the verification of data, and then draw conclusions ", - said Musk.

As mentioned above, at the press conference was not only masks but also the head of NASA Braydenstayn and other veterans of the US space agency, including the two-test astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley. If the first demonstration Crew Dragon mission is successful, it is these two people will take part in the second test mission, Demo-2, going to the ISS in July this year (after additional testing emergency crew rescue system, to be held in April).

Elon Musk would like to fly to the

Elon Musk talks with NASA astronaut Robert Benkenom and Douglas Hurley. They will fly to the ISS in the second demonstration spacecraft mission Crew Dragon this summer

Musk said that the first mission Crew Dragon was and the whole company is very stressful for him because it will depend on the result, will feel like the people who fly with the second mission. He added that as soon as the device was separated from the launch vehicle Falcon 9, he went to the astronauts and asked them about what they think about this module.

"I asked about how they decided to fly on it. Both said they agreed, adding that he expected the successful completion of the first mission, "- said Musk.

"The guys from the SpaceX launch to tell us how and what will happen. We were very pleased and satisfied that everything happened exactly as we were told. This is what gives us confidence in the success ", - commented on the astronauts.

Joint construction of a lunar base SpaceX and NASA's

Elon Musk would like to fly to the

The head of space agency NASA Jim Braydenstayn and SpaceX founder Elon Musk after the press conference March 2

Toward the end of the conference inquisitive journalists tried to find out from the mask and the future plans Braydenstayna SpaceX and NASA's, hinting at sensible cooperation between the two sides on issues related to the development of deep space.

"We want to build a base on the Moon. A permanent manned station on the moon, and then going to send people to Mars, "- Musk replied to a question related to what SpaceX plans to deal with after the manned spacecraft Crew Dragon will begin to fully operate.

Then he added:

"It is possible, our cooperation will be connected not only with the issues around the International Space Station. We'll see. Now we need to focus on this. For us it is - a priority. But then, perhaps, we will look at issues related to the implementation of the program beyond low-Earth orbit. "

After that Braydenstayn completed a long press conference stating that the future of NASA is in the same plane with the tasks that has set itself SpaceX.

"We have just heard the words of Ilona that he is interested in building a permanent space base on the moon" - Braydenstayn said.

"Of course, we should do it," - interrupted the mask.

"Return to the moon - is the most important task assigned to NASA agency of the US president - continued Braydenstayn. - We have no doubt that SpaceX has really great ideas that can help us in this matter. "

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