Russian scientists have been able to turn back the clock

Scientists from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, together with the US and Swiss colleagues conducted experiments in which successfully forced a quantum computer back to the state of the past. Brief conclusions of the study, which describes the possibility of this effect, according to a press release published on the website Details of the study of international teams of physicists presented in the journal Scientific Reports.

Russian scientists have been able to turn back the clock

The opening of the Russian scientists are unlikely to lead to the creation of a time machine, through which people will be able to travel into the past. However, a team of physicists has been able for a split second to return IBM quantum computer in a state in which he had been a moment earlier. And even this result can have on an amazing impact on the future of computing, quantum physics and in general our understanding of time as such.

"This is one of a series of works devoted to the possibility to violate the second law of thermodynamics - the law of physics, which is closely related to the difference between the past and the future. Now we come to the problem with a third party - we artificially created state of the system, which is itself evolving in the opposite in terms of the start of the second side ", - says the study's lead author Gordey Lesovik of the Laboratory of Physics of quantum information technology.

At first, the researchers found out whether the electron is located in the empty space, spontaneously go back for a moment in the past. To evaluate the position of the particle at a particular point in time they used Schrodinger equation. The calculations were based on the fact that the position of the particle will gradually smeared in space, subject to the "arrow of time".

As it turns out, the electron can really be spontaneously in the past: it returns to the state in which there was a moment ago. However, this should be very rare, and at the same time "rewind" back will be only 0, 06 nanoseconds.

Check the violation of the second law of thermodynamics in the practice at the Argonne National Laboratory (Illinois, USA) Lesovik with colleagues from other scientific institutions have allowed numerous experiments with a specially programmed quantum system on the basis of two or three qubits.

First two qubit is in the ground state is designated as 0, which corresponds to the localized electrons. Then there is the evolution of the state, and a special program has changed the state of the computer so that he could go back in time, as is the case with the electron in fluktatsiyah microwave background. In other words, the values ​​of the qubits rewound past. Experiments have shown that a quantum system, operating on the basis of two qubits, returning to its original state in 85 percent of cases. If the system has been used three qubits, then return success rate is only 49 percent. This, the researchers suggest is due to errors in the work of the quantum computer, and not to some other, totally unexpected and unexplained causes.

As in the case of quantum teleportation, the results of this study should not be linked with the possibility of one day to create a machine that will allow us to travel through time. Sami researchers believe that their work and its findings in the first place will help make quantum computing devices based on qubits more accurate.

Friends again: no laws no one did not break, did not invent the time machine. It was a demonstration experiment, useful in quantum computing, but not so loud as in the title. Read why - here.

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