Steam Link Anywhere from Valve will play their games from anywhere

Valve announced that it is expanding its feature streaming of games on Steam Link big, turning it into Steam Link Anywhere, a new service that will translate Steam games from your PC to anywhere in the world with the help of equipment or Steam Link application. This is a big change compared to the existing application Steam Link, which allows people to broadcast the games only from home. A new extension makes Steam Link powerful function - in conjunction with the application for Android (alas, the iOS app is still blocked by Apple).

Steam Link Anywhere from Valve will play their games from anywhere

In theory, Steam Link Anywhere allows users to broadcast the games from your PC and play wherever there is Internet access.

What is Steam Link Anywhere

According to Valve said, Steam Link Anywhere in the early beta, but already people can try the service by downloading the beta version of the 688 to your gaming PC. The company claims that the only requirement for Steam Link Anywhere is a good connection to upload to a host computer and a good connection on the device with which you play.

Now with Steam Link Anywhere works only Android, Raspberry Pi and outdated hardware Steam Link, but it is not difficult to imagine that Steam will be a similar function to translate from one PC to another, as it has already been proposed with a home Steam Link. Is also important moment of the announcement: Steam lays the foundation for streaming games just before GDC 2019, which is expected, the Google has completed work on its new streaming gaming service based on the Project Stream. It is expected that Google has big plans for streaming games - perhaps the company is announcing its own hardware and games.

Google - is not the only competitor to Steam. Microsoft also showed a completely new service domestic broadcasts from the PC to the Xbox console, which is a lot like Steam Link on existing functionality. Coming streaming service from Microsoft xCloud games seem to be ready to challenge Google in the Steam and larger space game streams.

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