It turns out that in Australia there was a space agency. And it already wants to get water on the moon!

Australian Space Agency (the ASA, yes, there are such) wants to use the country's experience in the field of mining in remote and difficult areas (this is Australia, after all) in the preparation of the new program, which will extract water and other useful resources on ... Moon . First of all we are talking about the use of autonomous drilling wells on the natural satellite of the Earth. As pointed portal, with reference to Bloomberg, as a very young ambitious plans of space agencies can bring to Australia's leading role in the new global space race for the satellite of our planet.

It turns out that in Australia there was a space agency. And it already wants to get water on the moon!

The possibility of extraction of water on the Moon (and it there is really a lot, according to the scientists) without the need to carry it with you in large quantities within the set of planned future space missions to the satellite, could make this planetary body a kind of starting point for space missions more deep space, for example, opening the possibility of space missions to Mars and other planets in the solar system. Water is very important. It is necessary to sustain life and the functioning of the lunar colony, the construction of which is planned in the near future already. It is needed for the production of rocket fuel that will be used for future missions.

"The cost of output of mineral resources in large volumes into orbit and sending them further into deep space will be very expensive. If you are able to produce water directly into space, and the cost it will be lower than deliver it to - it will give you a huge advantage, "- says an Australian expert Andrew Dempster space engineering.

The Australian Space Agency was founded less than a year ago, but Dempster sure that aspiration, scientific knowledge of the people who work in it and "startapopodobnaya zeal" will allow him to quickly develop new technology as soon as possible to get to the moon.

"We do not mind a similar desire and power of other highly experienced global space agencies. In this space industry, a lot of smart people with interesting ideas and a wealth of experience. Success in any business can be achieved very quickly, "- adds Dempster.

In an interview with the publishing house Boomberg Demster noted that some Australian resource companies are already adapting terrestrial technology to the space. For example, Woodside Petroleum Limited, Australia's largest oil and gas producer, signed a partnership agreement with NASA on the use of robotics to improve safety on their offshore platforms. The company will also work with ASA, to apply their experience in the space sector. ASA state budget for the next four years is only $ 41 million. For comparison, the annual budget of the US space agency NASA is about $ 20 billion. At the same European Space Agency, it is more modest - about 5, 7 billion euros ($ 6, $ 4 billion). Australian Space Agency, created just 9 months ago, will have to try hard to get interested in business and new investment.

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