Tesla plans to launch the taxi network on autopilot in 2020

Tesla plans to launch the first robotaksi in an extensive program of autonomous raydsheringa (that is, when one car uses a lot of people at once) in 2020. This CEO Elon Musk said during a company event called Autonomy Day. "I feel confident in predicting that autonomous robotaksi of Tesla will be next year - but not in all jurisdictions because we have not received regulatory approval from everywhere," Musk said, without giving details on the regulation. He also added that he was confident that the company will receive approval next year.

Tesla plans to launch the taxi network on autopilot in 2020

The whole point of the new representation of the module. Autopilot Tesla will operate at the expense of new hardware and software module Full Self-Driving (FSD) Hardware 3. Tesla will allow owners to add their own suitably equipped cars in raydsheringa application that will run on the same business model as Uber and Airbnb. Tesla will take 25-30 percent of the profits from these trips, says Musk. In places where there is not a lot of people willing to share their cars, the Tesla specifically provide robotaksi fleet. However, raydshering allow owners to earn about 500 dollars a month.

The fleet of autonomous robots taxi Tesla will unfold in 2020

Musk spoke about Tesla Network and wish to allow car owners to send them to work through the application in 2016.

All new cars Tesla today made with a special computer chip full measure of self - this Musk said at an event on Monday. This chip provides everything needed for self-driving Tesla, which, according to the mask to be the best in the world. Recall that the Tesla electric vehicles equipped with a set of sensors such as radar and cameras, but do not have a lidar, a light detector and radar range - sensor, which in the opinion of the majority of car manufacturers is very necessary. Musk believes that it is not necessary. He also added that the probability of failure of the system is lower than the probability of a heart attack at the driver.

The introduction of new features literally allow vehicles to move autonomously and not as it is now - only on the highway, lane keeping, and requiring the driver to monitor expensive. The final step is the software that, according to the mask, will be fully completed by the middle of next year.

"From our point of view, if I move for a year, a year and three months in advance, but certainly in the next year - we will have a million robotaksi on the roads," says Musk. "This fleet will wake up after the upgrade, which comes through the air; that's all". Out of interest - the system works on the basis of 70 billion kilometers of data collected all the cars Tesla. According to the mask, it allows you to handle the situation manually inaccessible for simulation. Thus, cars will be able to predict the behavior of other strange car and stop it - for example, if someone cuts.

Musk also many times pointed out that a full-fledged self-managed fleet will require the approval of the regulatory authorities - but what exactly, he said. While in the US there are no laws regarding the regulation of the autonomous vehicle. We'll have to wait for official comments on this topic.

In the future, according to the mask, robotaksi will return home and will automatically park and recharge. Do you think you can guess whether this time Elon with his own promises? Tell us in our chat in the telegram.