NASA will land a woman to the Moon in 5 years in the mission "Artemis"

In March 2019, US Vice President Mike Pence announced that Space Agency NASA has become a "more compact and flexible" organization and to return Americans to the moon in the next five years. Director agency Braydenstayn Jim immediately accepted the challenge, and at the moment the organization plans to send humans to Earth's satellite as early as 2024. This mission will be notable for the fact that women are the first step on the lunar surface will be placed within it.

NASA will land a woman to the Moon in 5 years in the mission

The space agency chose in 2024 not accidental - then after the first landing men on the moon as part of the program "Apollo" will take place exactly 55 years. In 1969, the first step was made men, so this time, NASA plans to send to the moon first woman. Based on this, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the mission in 2024 was named "Artemis", in honor of the twin sister of the Greek god Apollo.

The name of the mission was published on 13 May when NASA released an update budget request for the mission. The fact that in the future the mission the crew will enter a woman, Jim Braydenstayn announced in April.

The first woman on the moon would be an American. This is the main declaration, which will adhere to NASA.

Space Agency Director explained why it is so important to send a woman to the moon. According to him, it is very beautiful, that after half a century from the date of completion of the "Apollo" program, the crew with a female astronaut will be sent as part of a mission called "Artemis".

I have a daughter who is 11 years old and I want her to be able to see themselves in the same role as the next woman, going to the moon.

Jim Bridenstayn, director of NASA's

The mission of "Artemis" is in its infancy - the agency is no proven rockets and capsules that are guaranteed are able to deliver people to the lunar surface. How it intends to successfully carry out the mission in the light of the fact that even the drones crashes, while also not clear.

Recall that send people to the moon and going to other organizations. For example, the company recently introduced the Blue Origin lander Blue Moon, which is able to carry up to 6, 5 tons of payload. More about him can be found in our special material.

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