Laser 3D-printer "bricks" will be sent to the Moon

Today almost all the space agencies and private companies intend to build a station on the moon, but there is a problem - a satellite of our planet is not building materials. They can be delivered from the Earth, but according to researchers at the nonprofit Institute of Laser Zentrum Hannover, the transportation cost of one kilogram of building materials companies in 782 000 dollars. To prevent the costs, they proposed to create the building blocks of the lunar regolith, using a laser-3D printer called Moonrise.

Laser 3D-printer

It is known that 3-pound machine Moonrise created for nine months, and its laser and optical system - for even longer. He is still at the experimental stage, but the creators are planning to send him to the moon as early as 2021. It will be installed on the rover PTScientists, to launch a booster which is used "Ariane-64".

3D-printer will print the bricks for a lunar base

Developers of 3D-printers shared that at the moment they do the proper setting of the laser. they also have to carefully work on the protection of the device - it is important to make sure that he survived the fall of the lunar surface, and temperature changes. To test the device under terrestrial conditions, the researchers will also have to develop the material as much as possible similar to the lunar regolith. During the tests, 3D-printer will attempt to melt it down and create a "bricks" of different forms. After arriving on the moon in 2021, he would look the same, but in addition will remove the process and results on a high-resolution camera.

Lunokhod PTScientists already mentioned in one of our material - the European Space Agency ESA plans to use it for the production of the lunar soil in 2025. It is believed that the water contained in it may be useful for long-term space missions.

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