Designed leg prosthesis with the most realistic feet

When a person walks on an uneven surface, full of potholes and stones, feet help him distribute the load and keep the balance right. To a large extent responsible for this ankle and fingers but prosthetic legs can not boast of the presence of moving parts. This issue was relevant as long as researchers from Stanford University have not created a design that responds to the bumps like a real foot and prevents limping.

Designed leg prosthesis with the most realistic feet

Designed prosthesis has three points of contact with the rubber surface - two front "toe", and one back "heel." Through integrated pressure sensors exerted on these points, electrically toes and heel are independently moved upward and downward, the load distributing and maintaining maximum contact of the prosthesis with road irregularities. In addition to the sensors, the prosthesis is equipped with a gyroscope, which helps determine the position of the foot and leg spring out at the end of each step.

A new prosthetic leg will prevent lameness

At the beginning of the study tested the prosthesis within a computer simulation. It simulates the gait of the man, and gave developers understand how to behave prosthesis. After the virtual testing, the prosthesis was tested as a volunteer with an amputated leg - the progress and results of research can be seen on video.

Designed leg prosthesis with the most realistic feet

The researchers hope that, thanks to this invention will create the most lifelike prosthetic feet. The main thing in this case - to keep them reasonable cost because expensive dentures available is not for everyone.

Unlike leg prostheses, artificial arms are improved with greater activity. In early 2019, engineers from the company Integrum AB and Chalmers Institute of Technology have created a robotic arm capable of tangible objects. More about it can be found in our material.

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