Excursion to the ISS for $ 52 million, what do you get for that money?

52 million dollars were suddenly in your pocket and shake strongly. So you decide what to do with them. Buy your own island? Boring. New "Lamb"? I'm tired. How about to go on a five-star hotel under the name "International Space Station"? It offers: toilets uncomfortable, sleep upside-down, cramped rooms and space. A lot of space. That such a proposal last week presented a billionaire Robert Bigelow.

Excursion to the ISS for $ 52 million, what do you get for that money?

His company Bigelow Space Operations says that in the coming years to send to the ISS up to 16 private astronauts. Bigelow said that over 52 million dollars, you get a seat on a rocket SpaceX and one to two-month stay in orbit. Of course, this depends on the fact that SpaceX will begin transporting crews. It is expected that this will happen by 2020. Further details about the plans Bigelow is not much, but in 2018 he retained the "considerable sums" to reserve four future SpaceX flight specifically for space tourism.

And Bigelow promised space hotels in 2021. This term is at best optimistic.

How much is a ticket to the ISS, and what to do there?

Journey into space - it is definitely a luxury. But to live in orbit? When NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson, who spent more time in space than any other American, was asked on his return from the last mission to the ISS on her experience, she said: "I would call it a campaign." Pitch a tent in the cosmos. Here's what people can expect super-rich during his time on the space station. International Space Station - the largest object that we have ever sent into space, but the earthly standards, it is still pretty tight. Volume station just 32,333 cubic feet, much like a Boeing 747. But only a third of this volume is suitable for living. Unlike a private jet, this space will be around the clock to use 10 people: six public and four private astronaut. Sounds awful. But if Scott Kelly was able to spend at the station for a year, which is already a month or two?

Sleeps on the ISS is quite cozy. Each astronaut has a sleeping compartment, big enough to fit a man and laptop. Tourists to the ISS and will not have to worry about a pillow or blanket. Pillows in space is not needed, and the blanket is sleeping bag attached to the wall.

ISS has a kitchen. But if the tourists expect to be able to indulge in fresh cream, it is not. astronaut diet includes lots of rehydrated energy products, however, are available and snacks like cookies, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Cakes will be many.

It would seem that it does not taste a bit of tequila on this holiday, but the ISS prohibition. In the 70 years NASA tries to send into orbit a little buhlishka, but negative public reaction quickly ruined those plans.

As for the bathroom, it is much better than the pit dug in the campaign. A little, but better. To help, the astronaut prilovchilis need to write in a vacuum funnel on high-tech pot. Defecation is also very entertaining. The astronaut has to make sure that the droppings fall into a hole the size of a small plate, and then soaked in a plastic bag. We'll have to eat a lot of fiber, because if the package is filled, there will be terrible. In space, everything floats, and therefore a collision is imminent. But there will be time for relaxation. You will be able to drift around the dome, looking at Earth. Only a few hundred people in the history of the Earth had such an opportunity. It will be possible to swim at the station, swing in a rocking chair, shoot funny videos. Data transfer costs $ 50 per gigabyte, but if you've already paid $ 52 million, will make you a discount.

Well, a day or two hung out. What a month? ISS astronauts little rest. NASA plans astronaut mode up to the minute, and most of the time they spend on experiments and repair station. How about a spacewalk? This is unlikely. Suits for extra-vehicular activity stand at $ 10 million and made to order. In addition, the vacuum of space - a dangerous thing. It is better to leave this occupation for those who spent his entire career.

Well, if you are satisfied, Bigelow accepts reservations. And start preparing. If you are found unfit on medical grounds, no you do not take into space.

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