Blue Origin conducted the first test engine for its lunar lander

Blue Origin company held the first test firing of a new BE-7 engine, developed that it produces the lunar lander. Tests were conducted in the Marshall Space Center space agency NASA. System 35 seconds worked normally. As the portal The Verge, for the company, these tests were a great step forward in the development of the module Blue Moon, which will have to go to the Moon in about the middle of the next decade.

Blue Origin conducted the first test engine for its lunar lander

The founder and head of Blue Origin company shared across your page in the "Twitter" videos for conducting the tests. On the record shows how the nozzle motor sees first green, and then a transparent flame installed horizontally. As explained source green flame burning due to the presence of a special liquid is used to start the engine. Once it burns the flame becomes transparent because the motor itself operates in liquid oxygen and hydrogen mix - water derivatives products.

First hotfire of our # BE7 lunar landing engine just yesterday at Marshall Space Flight Center. Data looks great and hardware is in perfect condition. Test went full planned duration - 35 seconds. Kudos to the whole @BlueOrigin team and grateful to @NASA_Marshall for all the help!

- Jeff Bezos (@JeffBezos) June 20, 2019

Blue Origin is flying to the moon

It should be recalled that a month ago, Jeff Bezos, said that his company has a period of three years has been the development of the lander, which will go on the Earth's moon in the next decade. The device will be powered by a single engine landing BE-7. According to Bezos, the module will be equipped with the rising stage (to return to the Earth), and can be transported on the roof of a single large manned moon rover, which in turn will be equipped with microsatellites, "shoot off" from the device already on the moon or two compact automatic survey rovervami. Since motor unit itself is based on a mixture of liquid oxygen and hydrogen, the fuel for it potentially can be made directly on the Moon, extracting water from the polar regions of the satellite. When Bezos first introduced BE-7 engine in the course of large-scale presentation, he made it clear that the company Blue Origin is very interested in the use of the lander Blue Moon to aid in the NASA program to return man to the Moon. And it is quite possible to Blue Origin will actually be able to take in this program actively and directly involved. The US space agency this summer is going to select the most successful versions of the landing modules developed by private companies and offer one or two of them to help in the completion of construction before the end of this year. Given how far the Blue Origin with its option, the company is a very serious contender.

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