In Russia develop bespohmelnoe beer with vitamins

In medieval Europe, beer is actively used by doctors for the treatment of renal diseases and asthma, but today the drink is considered to be one of the main causes of hangovers and development of the so-called "beer heart" when the muscular body of work in emergency mode and sags. Chemists from the Ural Federal University, and their colleagues from St. Petersburg ITMO University, decided to create a really useful kind of beer that does not cause a hangover and nourishes the human organism with useful substances.

In Russia develop bespohmelnoe beer with vitamins

According to Professor by Elena Kovalevoj, their work mainly is to change the properties of the yeast by controlling the temperature of surrounding conditions as well as in the application of flavors. To remove a hangover effect, the researchers decided to update the composition of the beer, and to ensure that fans of the drink even more vitamins - used for dying brewer's grains for the production of nutritional bars.

Useful beer with vitamins

The composition of the new beers researchers want to add kudzu root extracts, which contain isoflavone substance that reduces toxic effects of alcohol. Also among the components may also be Chlorella algae, which also help to reduce the hangover effect. Thus, the drink lovers will be able to obtain it contains vitamins B1 and B2, as well as beneficial to heart niacin - all without a hangover.

Cookies from spent grains

To provide people with an additional set of vitamins, the researchers want to develop a recipe for cookies and chocolate bars from the waste product - brewers' grains. It is left after cooking and tenderized malt wort pumping, which is typically used for animal feed. This is despite the fact that it contains starch, fiber, vitamins and prebiotics - substances that are particularly useful for humans.

The raw brewers' grains are too hard to use, but after fermentation, they are suitable as an additive to the oat flour for food, such as oatmeal cookies, - explained Elena Kovaleva.

Deputy Director for Enterprise Center Alexander Cherepanov shared that Ural Federal University is ready to cooperate with interested manufacturers. However, the release date bespohmelnogo and beer bars with vitamins is not yet known.

Beer becomes scarce drink

Meanwhile, the scientific journal Nature Plants Monday recently published a study predicting the shortage of beer in 2099. This development may be due to climatic changes - global yield of barley reduced from 3 to 17% and the beverage becomes very expensive. With the onset of the time, some countries will be able to earn good money on the deficit - read about it can be in our material.

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