What our brain is capable of? 10 amazing facts

With many years of study of our inner at every opportunity, scientists began to understand well how it works, almost every part of our body. However, the most mysterious department in our body is the brain. And the more we study it, the more mysterious it becomes. You can not even imagine what amazing things can our "dumalka". Do not worry, scientists for a long time, too, did not know it.

What our brain is capable of? 10 amazing facts

Today we tell about the 10 most incredible opportunities of our brains that make us almost a superhero.

The brain is able to create false memories

What our brain is capable of? 10 amazing facts

Here's a scientific fact: our brain is able to create fake memories. You are never in a situation where something you remember, although in reality it never happened? No, we're not talking about memories of past lives where you were Caesar and Cleopatra. It's about talking about what you "remember" how to do things that in reality did not. We thought it to borrow money from a neighbor, and do not actually occupied. They thought that they had bought a thing, and in fact did not buy. Such examples bunch.

There are also more impressive. For example, our brain can convince us that we have committed a crime. In one experiment, the scientists were able to inspire and create false memories in 70 percent of participants. They began to think that commit theft or armed attack.

How it works ? It is believed that our brain can fill in the gaps in our memory inaccurate or completely false information, when we try to remember something.

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Our brain can predict the future

What our brain is capable of? 10 amazing facts

It was found that during the receipt of visual information in our brain, there is some delay, so that we can predict what should happen next. These predictions are based including on our past experience (in our flying ball - you need to dodge; open hatch road - you need to get around). We do not even connect to it your mind (in other words, not thinking about). All people are able to predict the future, it helps us avoid those things that can harm us.

The brain "sees" 360 degrees

What our brain is capable of? 10 amazing facts

And this feature makes us look like "Spider-Man." Yes, we, or rather our brain is able to very carefully monitor their surroundings and report that we have not yet realized properly. For example, we are starting to feel us someone watching. There is a feeling of unease, begin to sweat, the skin is covered with small ants. Turn his head in that direction, and really see what a man looks at us. Some call it "the sixth sense."

Eyes in the back we have, and the field of view we have a fairly narrow compared to other animals. But the brain where they are not needed. He has a more effective means for environment assessment. For example, a rumor which is able to detect even the smallest changes in the surrounding background. And this ability is particularly enhanced when we can not see part of this environment.

Our brain can accurately assess any person for a split second

What our brain is capable of? 10 amazing facts

Any impartial so we are trying currently appear in our brain the representation on this issue. He is able to evaluate the first time encountered the person you just 0, 1 second (as it looks, as they say, how to dress, shave, and so on). While we are trying to understand all this consciously, our brain on a subconscious level is already creating human image (and with a fairly accurate), and concludes - you will like it or not.

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Our brain - a perfect Service

What our brain is capable of? 10 amazing facts

"I do not need an alarm clock. I am my own alarm clock ", some people say. Be aware, they were not kidding. If you follow mode (go to bed and get up at the same time), your brain gets used. Our own body clock - better than any alarm clock. So many people can wake up before the moment when the bell lousy call to let you know that it's time to get up for work. Often this occurs, for example, the office workers.

The brain can "listen" and learn while you sleep

What our brain is capable of? 10 amazing facts

We used to think that during sleep, our brain shuts down completely. In fact it is not. Yes, some parts of the brain really relax, reducing their activity. But we can even learn in a dream! During the so-called REM sleep a person is able to remember some things. During the experiments, the scientists before sleeping people lost certain sounds (people who had never heard of). Then people woke up, and the researchers they lost these signals again and asked to say which of these sounds seem familiar. And the people they learned!

Steep ability, but we recommend not to use it for homework, tests and important presentations.

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The brain can be trained at the expense of imagination

What our brain is capable of? 10 amazing facts

A simple experiment, conducted for the first time more than 100 years ago. People are divided into two groups. One group started to teach basic skills piano using a tool. Education other group passed without piano. People simply told how to raise and move the fingers, as well as describe the sound of this or that note. By the end of training, it was found that both groups have the same skills - able to play both the piano melody, which they were taught. In the 90 years since the use of more modern scientific instruments, scientists indeed found that the supposed training and practice can have the same effect on the brain, as well as real.

Our brain has an "autopilot"

What our brain is capable of? 10 amazing facts

As soon as we well to master some skill, our brain connects to the specific department, the so-called passive network operation. It is used to perform tasks that do not require sophisticated analysis, because their decision has been repeatedly tested and brought to automatism.

People taught a card game that requires a bit of thought process. People play well, but when after numerous parties joined to the network, this is the passive mode of operation, they have to play even better.

Education other types of skills gives people more difficult. For example, to play the instrument. First - it is very difficult. But after, when your hands and fingers remember how to play correctly - your brain is actually disabled. And you start doing this on automatic.

Our brain is able to build up the muscles in our body

What our brain is capable of? 10 amazing facts

It's summer and many of us, probably, again with bitterness sigh that could not prepare for it. All these diets and fitness centers have remained our desires and memories. Do not despair! Our brain is capable of increasing the strength of our bodies, if we just think about it.

In the experiment, one group of people were asked each day (5 days) for 11 minutes to present what they are doing to enhance the strength of the hands. By the end of the experiment it was established that in that group of people that thought about pumping hands, grip strength was twice as high, so that those who did not. Can I get a six-pack press the same method? You will not know until you try.

Our brains can sense magnetic fields of

What our brain is capable of? 10 amazing facts

Some species of animals and birds, and insects are able to sense the magnetic field of the Earth. This allows them to orient themselves in space and find the right path. You'd be surprised, but the person also has this capability. Read more about this in our article can be. In summary, the experiments showed that our brain is able to detect changes in the magnetic field direction. However, we do not use this ability. But our ancestors - the very best they could.

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