In Estonia, creating electric vehicle that can be parked on the wall

Today, an increasing number of electric vehicles from various manufacturers. In this case, just release electric transport is not enough. You need something to surprise and interest to the end user. Someone in the positioning focuses on speed, some on the battery life on a single charge, and the Estonian company Nobe decided to focus on saving a parking space and released a car that can be parked directly on the wall.

In Estonia, creating electric vehicle that can be parked on the wall

What is the new electric

The new electric car called Nobe 100 and looking at the existing images in the eye catches the auto design. Body made in retro-style, reminiscent of European cars of the 1970s, which allocates Nobe 100 competitors. In addition, it must be noted that the electric car is not familiar to us four wheels, but three. Moreover, such a decision dictated not so much by design considerations as design features, which make it possible to "park the car on the wall."

In Estonia, creating electric vehicle that can be parked on the wall

The presence of three wheels instead of four, along with a miniature form of the body allowed to make cars incredibly easy. As stated by the manufacturers, the youngest model weighs about 600 kilograms. In this case, battery capacity of 21 kW \ h allows travel up to 210 kilometers on a single charge. Also, there is a more powerful version. Its engine has much more powerful - 25 kW \ hour, and power reserve - 260 kilometers. In addition, each wheel is provided with a built-in motor. the basic version of the engine power of 54 kW and 72, respectively improved.

This is interesting: first eletromobil printed the 3D-printer.

This innovation does not end there. As representatives of the company's electric car will be easy to update. And it concerns both software and hardware.

"We give users the ability to upgrade the battery, motor and other electronics as how technology will go ahead. We do not want to limit the user and force him to buy a new car, if they differ from old only a couple of details. In addition, simply replace both components that are subjected to wear and tear. "

In Estonia, creating electric vehicle that can be parked on the wall

As a car parked on the wall?

Camoy hallmark car is, of course, the ability to pack on the wall. However, as seen in the photo, it does not fit any wall, but only the one on which it will be possible to fix the special "slide". Part of the structure is located on the ground. You just need to call in some "slots", out of the car and remotely start the parking procedure. Special "enough to" catch the car and pull him to the wall. Regain the machine can be exactly the same with the help of the controller. Well, the last time: the cost. It is reported that you can buy a car at a price of 29,000 US dollars. Output is scheduled for January 2021.

It must be noted that this approach to parking really saves a lot of space. But look here, "hanging" car is very strange and unusual. In addition, motorists rarely leave cabin and trunk of their cars, "sterile", ie without any items inside. You've probably already guessed that this method of parking all that is inside, "fall" into the bottom of the car and it is convenient to call will not work at all desire.

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