In Egypt, found the sunken ship and the temple treasure

Egypt's history is full of mysteries and puzzles, and not all of them are related to the pyramids. Did you know that on the territory of the hot country have flooded city called Heraklion, which is the study of the archaeologists involved for almost 20 years? Since the city is hidden under the water, scientists are extremely difficult to investigate it, but at the moment they have been found more than 14 000 items of stone, wood and gold. Recently, archaeologists have learned about the flooded city even more information, finding the remains of a huge temple and the missing fragment of one of the ships. Of course, without the treasures this time, too, was not.

In Egypt, found the sunken ship and the temple treasure

Heraklion was discovered in 2000 by archaeologist Frank Godo. It is believed that the name of the city due to the fact that once he visited the legendary Hercules - the son of Greek gods Zeus and Alcmene. At the moment, the city is located at the bottom of the Gulf of Abu Kir, located near the Egyptian Nile River. Part of the huge cities are at different depths up to about 45 meters, but some buildings may be located deeper, because at the moment the mysterious city studied by only 5%.

Mysteries of Egypt

Searching for new buildings and ships engaged in the same Frank Godo, managing a team of underwater archaeologists. Since the city is hidden under a layer of dirt many years, scientists are looking for underwater objects using satellites and so-called sounders - instrumentation for the detection of fish and underwater objects using sound waves. Thus, recently, archaeologists calculate the location of the two columns of the main temple called Amon Garp and ancient parking vehicles.

In Egypt, found the sunken ship and the temple treasure

The researchers have not yet revealed details about the great temple, but described the results docked ship. As previously observed in the area swimming facilities (formerly the remains of 64 ships had been found), found the ship is not completely preserved - archaeologists believe that it is part of one of the earlier findings. Its length is about 13 meters and, judging by the found objects in it, it was used for sacred rituals.

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The richest city in Egypt

Their coordinates ascertained, divers archaeologists sank under water for a thorough study of the ruins. Inside the ship they found the remains of pottery, bronze coins and jewelry. Their abundance comes as no surprise, because Heraklion was a rich commercial center and most important port of ancient Egypt. According to the calculations of archaeologists, it was built in the VIII century BC, and kept its status until the erection of the Egyptian city of Alexandria.

In Egypt, found the sunken ship and the temple treasure

The Egyptian coin and a gold earring

After Alexandria robbed him of his status as the most important port, Heraklion lost their wealth. Subsequently, about 1,200 years ago, the city was under water. Archaeologists still can not name the exact cause of the flood because they have a few suggestions. The first states that it was destroyed and sunk in the massive earthquake and tsunami has arisen after it. The second says that he stayed under water due to rising sea levels.

In Egypt, found the sunken ship and the temple treasure

The mysterious labyrinth of

What archaeologists have learned so far is only a small part of the ancient city, it is very intriguing. Perhaps due to satellite technology, they will be able to find more ancient buildings and treasures. And while they are not found, be sure to read about a mysterious labyrinth, found inside the pyramid of Djoser Pharaoh. Inside it, the archaeologists found a subject that supposedly protect people from the dead monsters living in the afterlife.

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