The most toxic city in the world located in the Russian

On our planet, there are a large number of seats, which can cause the human body to irreparable harm. For example, in the Pacific Ocean there are the so-called Marshall Islands, where the US military has tested a nuclear weapon. This area is even today considered one of the most dangerous places on Earth where one can get a lethal dose of radiation. Another extremely dangerous to human health, the place is right in Russia - a city of Karabash, located in the Chelyabinsk region. The air in its territory is literally filled with lead, sulfur and arsenic, which are daily poison locals.

The most toxic city in the world located in the Russian

The city was founded back in 1822, after the discovery of the sources of gold and copper ore. Its territory at various times worked two plants, which are engaged in the smelting of copper. They were closed, but a third plant, built in 1910, after only five years since its foundation produced a third of the Russian copper. He works to this day, but for a hundred years of its existence, almost did not care about the environment clean and thrown into the nature of more than 14 million tons of harmful substances.

The most dangerous city in Russia

Recently, in this poisonous town I visited urban planner (urbanist), author of the Twitter account "Murbanistika". He shared with his readers photographs of the effects of toxic emissions. According to him, the local smelter emits 120,000 tons of sulfur dioxide per year. At the moment, the city is home to around 11,000 people - according to the calculations of the author, each of them annually affects 10 tons of harmful substances. It is believed that by inhalation of high sulfur oxide concentration, the person has asthma, speech disorder, vomiting and even pulmonary edema.

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- Murbanistika (@ktvsiy) July 30, 2019

urbanist shared that the average age of the residents of Karabash is only 38 years old. Usually, people suffering from chronic diseases of the respiratory system and skin. It goes without saying that due to the large amount of harmful substances in many people develop cancer. Surely dirty air affects their memory.

The most toxic city in the world located in the Russian

Nature Pollution

Due to the high concentration of harmful substances, often tested in acid rain. They destroyed almost all of the plants in its path, so the city is surrounded by mountains of lifeless and stands on the scorched earth, where almost nothing grows. During part of the river beds are filled with rain water orange, which is saturated with heavy metals.

The most toxic city in the world located in the Russian

In the summer of 2019 in the city of rain, according to the dried riverbeds, were few. In the photos as if showing Martian landscape - almost the same yellow and cracked from the dryness of the soil and seems to be a complete lack of any wildlife. Despite this, in remote areas of the plant to residents still manage to plant the plants, but the city is often a mist of sulfur dioxide. In 2010, a toxic air caused "premature autumn" by painting leaves of plants in yellow and destroying crops.

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The most toxic city in the world located in the Russian

In Karabash still have a place where poisonous water is kept for more than a hundred years. This so-called tailing - a kind of lake, which is made up of toxic waste generated in the process of copper smelting. Due to the abundance of chemicals, it is colored blue, it blends in the red. According to the author of Twitter, this store stands near the awful stench.

The most toxic city in the world located in the Russian

How to escape the locals?

Over the decades, some of the inhabitants of the city lived in close proximity to the plant. Then, due to increased health hazards within a radius of 1 kilometer sanitary zone was created by the factory. Residents of 137 homes have been relocated to other residential buildings located further away from the plant. Exhausted with time houses were looted and destroyed. However, at a distance of 80 meters from the plant, located working department "Mail of Russia".

The most toxic city in the world located in the Russian

In search of salvation, even the inhabitants of the city have installed on one of the mountains 12-meter worship cross and wrote an appeal to God. Climb this hill is extremely difficult - the rise so steep that climb up the road by car is impossible. The only option left foot rise, but because of the bad air people quickly get tired.

In Karabash very difficult to breathe normally. After a half an hour in the nose and throat eats pungent chemical taste, which does not kill - the author writes "Murbanistiki"

The most toxic city in the world located in the Russian

Some publications called Karabash most polluted city in the world. At the same time they refer to UNESCO, however, according to local authorities, the document confirming it does not exist.

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