What is better - tea or coffee? 6 facts about tea, which you did not know

Surely you had to hear that tea - incredibly healthy beverage. However, most likely, you do the opposite view. Research shows that regular tea consumption reduces the risk of diabetes and Alzheimer's disease, and also helps strengthen bones. In addition, tea improves the health of teeth and gums. But not all those ideas about tea that are prevalent in the public mind, are true.

What is better - tea or coffee? 6 facts about tea, which you did not know

The fact is that scientific ideas are constantly changing. Scientists have new information about the properties of various products. In short, scientific thought does not stand still. Meanwhile, many people do not watch the news science and follow the ideas that formed many years or even decades ago. Tea and ways of its use was no exception. Among the common people, such representations of him that does not reflect the real state of affairs.

Tea - a very popular drink. Perhaps, in this respect, it is slightly inferior to coffee, however many prefer aromatic infusion even drink made from coffee beans that eventually humankind can lose. Let us examine the main questions about tea from a scientific point of view and try to answer the most important of them - whether it is useful to coffee?

Can I add the milk in your tea?

Some studies have shown that adding milk to tea reduces its useful qualities. Nevertheless, a recent study of the issue found that in tea with milk contains about the same amount of catechins (antioxidants that reduce the risk of some forms of cancer) than in black tea without additives. In addition, it is known that mixed with tea milk absorbed by the body much better.

What is better - tea or coffee? 6 facts about tea, which you did not know

There is also the downside of tea with milk can be attributed to the high caloric content. But this problem is easily solved by using less fat milk and green tea. Green tea with milk, by the way, perfectly quenches thirst - you can try it yourself. How do you?

Tea healthier if nothing is added to it?

Citric acid is added to the tea in the form of lemon juice, lime and orange, helps to preserve flavonoids - substances which possess antimicrobial activity. Additives in tea made in those cases where it is not going to drink immediately, but, for example, preparing a chilled drink with ice.

What is better - tea or coffee? 6 facts about tea, which you did not know

Flavonoids are just considered to be one of those connections that make tea so helpful. Adding honey tea promotes health. Responsible for the attention areas of the brain work better after tea with honey than after pure tea.

Can I drink mint tea with abdominal pain?

To ease abdominal discomfort, mint - not the best choice. Peppermint reinforces heartburn. Nausea and motion sickness is better to use ginger tea. Anyway, ginger is considered an excellent remedy for bloating, gas formation and cramps. It is even possible to not add to tea, just chew.

What is better - tea or coffee? 6 facts about tea, which you did not know

When the pain in the abdomen is best to drink chamomile tea, which can be found in almost any drugstore. It has anti-inflammatory and gently relaxes the upper part of the digestive tract. In most cases, it saves from spasms chamomile tea.

Is the tea floral-herbal "tea"?

True tea is only the infusion of the plant "Camellia sinensis" ( "Camellia sinensis"). Sometimes tea black, green, white and oolong (semi-fermented Chinese tea) and all of its forms is obtained from this plant. Those kinds of "tea", which are derived from flowers, herbs, and even tree bark, should be attributed to the herbal infusion.

What is better - tea or coffee? 6 facts about tea, which you did not know

In this way, call the tea herbal extracts - is not entirely correct. Although, I confess, in the stores often you can find a box with the words that literally prove that it is within the tea. Of flowers, herbs and tree bark. Perhaps it is only to attract the attention of buyers.

Does tea port?

Tea may lie on the shelf up to six months. After that, he begins to lose antioxidants. In 2009, the magazine "Journal of Food Science", dedicated to the science of nutrition, the results of the study were published in which scientists found that catechins significantly decreased over time. Six months later, their level declined by 32%. To keep the antioxidants in tea as long as possible, welding should be stored in a sealed container in a cool and dark place.

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Tea healthier than coffee?

What is better - tea or coffee? 6 facts about tea, which you did not know

The tea is really considered to be more useful to drink due to the presence of antioxidants. However, it should be understood that any product, even the most useful, is good in moderation. It is known that coffee with his right hand has many beneficial properties, beneficial effects on human health. For example, caffeine has a positive effect on a number of cognitive abilities in the elderly.

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At the same time, if a woman or her partner before conceiving drink two or more cups of coffee a day, it increases the risk of miscarriage in the first weeks of pregnancy.

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