Under what conditions the fans can be dangerous for your health?

Summer 2019 was issued by one of the hottest in history. Abnormally high temperatures caused a large-scale forest fires and affected the health of many people - because you also feel fatigue and headache? Fortunately, escape from the sweltering heat could always turn the air conditioner or fan, but whether they are safe for health? Australian scientists believe that at least the fans can cause very harmful to people, because in certain circumstances they interfere with the body on their own to cope with the heat.

Under what conditions the fans can be dangerous for your health?

It would seem that could be better than a refreshing blast of the fan in a stuffy room? Believe me, under certain conditions, running the fan can turn a stay in a stuffy room into a hellish ordeal. The World Health Organization has long repeats, that with an air temperature above 35 degrees Celsius fans only increase the burden on the human body by directing hot air at it. It was found that when using the fan, you should pay attention to the level of humidity.

the fan cools the room?

This convinced researchers from the University of Sydney, located in Australia. They have conducted an experiment in which 12 healthy male subjects were asked to wear shorts and sit for two hours in a hot humid rooms (50%) and dry (10%) air. At first he worked in the rooms fan, but in the second half of his experiment turned off. To compare the condition of people before and after the experiment, at the beginning of the men measured the body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and sweating speed.

Under what conditions the fans can be dangerous for your health?

Moist air healthier dry, use a humidifier or put in a room with a bowl of water!

When the fan is running at room temperature with humid air was 39, 9 degrees, but after disconnection it has risen to 40, 3 degrees Celsius. Typically, the temperature of the human body feels differently - this parameter is called "thermal load index" and is measured at the rectal temperature. Measurements showed that the feelings of men in the room was a 50-degree heat.

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In rooms with dry air developed completely different conditions. Temperature enabled fan was 47 2 degrees, and when it is turned off suddenly dropped to 46 7 degrees. At the same time that men do not feel the heat, standing in wet rooms - they feel, the room temperature is equal to the same 46 degrees Celsius.

How heat affects a person?

It would be quite logical if the man of the less hot, dry room, feel better - but no research result was unpredictable. Comparing health indicators of men from two different rooms, the researchers found that in a room with humid air and turned on the fan people feel as comfortable as possible. But the man from a dry room while the fan feel pretty bad.

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What is the result? It turns out that the fan is not necessary to include in rooms with dry air. If the humidity in the room exceeds 50%, the fan can safely include - body temperature will be kept at an acceptable level, and the cardiovascular system does not become too tense. In a wet room, by the way, it is important to drink more water - scientists have noticed that the men in this room was sweating heavily. And due to sweating dehydration can occur.

Under what conditions the fans can be dangerous for your health?

Pinch yourself - if you are dehydrated, the skin fold is smoothed not immediately

By August, the air temperature in Russia has decreased markedly and is likely to fan the information is not relevant. But the Council of Australian scientists still worth to remember and tell your friends. You can also scare friends news that in 2030 the world will come a new ice age.

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