Will people live 150 years?

72 years. That's how much is the average life expectancy in Russia. Well, that's not a bad figure in comparison with the Central African Republic, where the population is able to live only 45 years. However, if you do not take into account the low life expectancy in the poorest African countries, the question arises: Can a person born in a more or less comfortable conditions, leading a healthy lifestyle and do not suffer from a surplus of physical work, to live to 150 years?

Will people live 150 years?

How old is the oldest person on the planet?

Recognized the record for longevity was the Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment, who died in 1997 at the age of 122 years. The last 12 years of his life dolgozhitelnitsa spent in a nursing home city of Arles, where she died, having become famous throughout the world. Despite the fact that Jeanne Calment never led a healthy lifestyle and for 97 years daily smoked cigarettes 2, that she was able to put such a record, literally gone through all of its competitors, claiming the title of the oldest person in the world.

Will people live 150 years?

Jeanne Calment - the oldest inhabitant of the planet

Despite the fact that a woman is officially recognized by the oldest inhabitant of the earth according to the Guinness Book of Records, it is likely that this prestigious title has long been retaken 127-year-old grandmother from Kabardino-Balkaria named Nana Shaova living until now.

Will people live 150 years?

Passport Nana Shaowu

The fact that the date of birth Nana Shaowu, that black and white is indicated in the passport - 00.00.1890 year. Age an elderly woman recently refined in the distant 1960 during the census. Then, in order to learn at least a year of her birth, I had to interview neighbors and next of kin Nana as the woman her age could not remember.

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How many years have lived before?

If you look at the statistics the average life expectancy in the world, we can see a very interesting trend: from one year to the human lifespan is increasing. This phenomenon is associated with higher levels of medicine, education and culture. Thus, the primitive people by the age of 30 were considered very old, the ancient Greeks and Romans could retire in 29 years, and the inhabitants of medieval cities were considered elderly about 33 years of age. Such sad statistics continued until the 19th century, when in connection with the development of technology and sophisticated science, the average duration of human life finally began to increase. It was at this critical moment for mankind, life expectancy in the European countries were able to increase almost in 2 times: from 34 to 65 years.

Will people live 150 years?

Our ancestors were very old man to 30 years of age

You may be wondering: How to increase the life expectancy? What can be done now?

Can a person live to 150 years?

According to biologists and geneticists, increase human lifespan to 150 years is not only possible, but highly probable. professor of biology at the University of McGill Siegfried Hekimi believes that some of those who were born in the 21st century, no longer able to live to 150 years of age is not particularly applying for this any effort. In their study Hekimi ranked the achievements of the last century, which addressed issues of vaccination, food safety, hygiene, general reduction of stress and heavy physical work, accomplishments, has a huge impact on the number of years lived by a man.

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According to Professor Hekimi, the reasons for which previous generations have failed to live up to such a ripe old age, it is hardly associated with genetic characteristics. So, today's centenarians, including listed and already mentioned above Jeanne Calment, failed to live up to 150 years of age due to the fact that all modern comfort could affect these people only partially.

Will people live 150 years?

People of the 21st century can live up to 150 years

Life in the early twentieth century is very different from the life of the XXI century, and often characterized by severe and protracted war, a lot of stress and, in some cases trivial malnutrition.

If so, then the current generation a good opportunity to live a little longer than the time allotted to it. And if scientists have an opportunity to save and youth, then, perhaps, to live 150 years, given it would be much more interesting. But that's another story.