Donald Trump proposes to deal with hurricanes nuclear bombs

Have you heard the news? Donald Trump has decided to start a nuclear war ... So far, however, with hurricanes. To say that his entourage was shocked, to say nothing. Nevertheless, the US leader insists on studying this possibility and gave relevant instructions. Now, his advisors have to accept or to justify the impossibility of such a struggle. Let's see what it represents, this "war" and what it can cause.

Donald Trump proposes to deal with hurricanes nuclear bombs

Hurricanes are very beautiful

Only when you look at them from the side

When to start a nuclear war?

In detail, the essence of Trump's proposal is as follows. Hurricanes are generated off the coast of Africa, and then, after passing over the Atlantic, reaching US shores. Usually they are quite strong. Remember though Hurricane Katrina, when New Orleans and part of Louisiana experienced the full power of the elements. It was a Category 5 hurricane on the scale Saffir-Simpson hurricane and the sixth power in the Atlantic on record. According to official estimates in 1836 he took the life of citizens and caused damage to 125 billion dollars. These figures are not surprising due to the fact that 80% of New Orleans were under water.

There are thoughts? Why Donald Trump wants to buy Greenland?

Of course, these hurricanes are born every year, but less destructive storms can cause severe damage. To avoid them and not let the US territory, the incumbent president has offered to send in the middle of a nuclear charge formed hurricanes, which should destroy it and not give a final form. At the same time, it does not say exactly at what point must be hit, but apparently when a hurricane will be a safe distance from Africa. It is worth noting that such thoughts were at the 34th US President Dwight Eisenhower. He also proposed to deal with hurricanes using bombs, but it never came to realization. Even the Trump two years ago talked about such a possibility, however, did not sound the word "nuclear".

If Trump's offer is accepted and cons to this method of struggle is not, action can begin in the near future, when the will form a new hurricane. This occurs most often in late summer.

Can I blow a hurricane?

How would it not strange sounded, the cloud can really blow. However, we should not forget that on a global scale and place it on the phenomena, even the explosion of the atomic bomb is not something really significant. Yes, it can badly shake the Earth's surface, allowing seismic sensors for many hundreds of kilometers to feel the vibrations from the explosion, but the storm is a hell of a big thing.

Donald Trump proposes to deal with hurricanes nuclear bombs

The most destructive weapons are trying to put to the service of the world, but has not yet obtained.

However, the hurricane is a moving air mass, the main cause of which are temperature differences. When the mechanism is already running and the masses began to move actively, they can only stop violating this movement. For example, in a cup, then stir the tea, its circular motion can be stopped only significantly intervene in the process with a spoon. Also with hurricanes.

If the charge bombs will be enough to disrupt the movement of air masses, potentially, it can stop a hurricane, but only if the force of the explosion will be very large. According to approximate estimates for this power of the bomb should be 20 megatons. For comparison, the bomb dropped on Hiroshima capacity of 15 kilotons (about 1000 times weaker). However, there may be other unwanted effects of this struggle with the elements.

Why can not we blow the clouds

We will not argue with the president and his advisers, but simply do try to speculate on the dangers of using strategic charges for the destruction of the hurricane.

In our Telegram-chat is not so long ago, a question was raised on the fight against hurricanes. People with knowledge of the case to discuss this topic. If we apply those considerations to the present situation, it can be concluded that the bomb can not destroy the movement of the masses, but on the contrary, increase the area of ​​their movement, as if stretching it. It is very undesirable, as it can cause more damage. This will happen only in case of insufficient force of the explosion. If the "push" air mass is strong enough, the speed will drop. This is due to the fact that the larger the radius of rotation, the lower its velocity.

In addition, we should not forget that such an explosion should be carefully prepared. In a large radius from the center of the explosion should not have any ships.

But there may be Fedor Konyukhov on his rowing boat

In addition to the physical damage to facilities blast, nuclear explosion can knock some communication systems, including aircraft, are even at a considerable distance. This is due to the fact that during a nuclear explosion spread around the electromagnetic interference, which is also damaging factor in the explosion.

Do not forget that the small island, though not visible on the globe, but there across the ocean. They are also better to stay away, as people may be on them. All this greatly reduces the list of areas of possible use of atomic bombs in the fight against hurricanes.

Donald Trump proposes to deal with hurricanes nuclear bombs

The main thing is not to have suffered at the weather experiments, people and animals

The last, but perhaps the most significant drawback of such an impact would be radiation poisoning. Moreover, it threatens to radioactive fallout, do not forget about the Gulf Stream, which can spread contaminated water around the world, starting with Europe, which catches fish in coastal waters. That they receive the first wave of radiation. Hardly, Western European countries are ready for it and will agree with the fight against hurricanes.

How will compete with Hurricane

Definitely say which way to choose to deal with hurricanes is now difficult. One thing is almost certain. Detonate atomic bombs they will not. Yes, the effects of hurricanes is very sad - people are dying, billions are spent on the restoration of the city. But bombing cloud experiments in the ocean are even more dubious.

Mind ever win ... - t. Semantic hallucinations

The mind in this situation really win, and to be afraid of something like that personally, I would not. There are more serious things that need to be afraid. On them will be discussed in the near future - the material is already being prepared. Watch out for his appearance on our website or in our news Telegram-channel.