Our civilization could disappear as early as 2050

Stories about the end of the world are as old as the world. Try to remember how many times in recent years, the world had to sink into oblivion. We believe that many cases will be typed. From Nostradamus' predictions about the end of all things, in August 1999, before the Mayan calendar prophecies of the end times in 2012 and fall to Earth the mysterious planet Nibiru at any time. But could it be that we are so accustomed to stories about the end of the world that no longer take them seriously? scientists recently published a study, the results of which state that our civilization has reached the point of no return by 2050. According to scientists, the situation is much worse than we can imagine.

How many years do we have left?

The situation is that we are talking about the most frightening scientific report to date. Scientists Breakthrough Analytical Center: National Centre for Climate Restoration carried out the analysis, the results of which suggest that efforts similar to the emergency mobilization of World War II. The measures taken should be aimed at avoiding accidents associated with the scenario described in the study. And among the different threats facing us today, it is likely that human civilization will fall by 2050.

In other words, the situation of climate change is actually much worse than assumed. The central thesis of the article is that climatologists forecasts are too limited. Climate change will affect the planet in the near future, and the current climate crisis is more extensive and complex than anything with which the representatives of our species previously encountered.

Our civilization could disappear as early as 2050

Abandoned vehicles - a typical pattern for the end of the world

General climate models, such as the model used by an international team of scientists of the United Nations on climate change at the Organization in 2018 to predict the global temperature increase to 2 degrees Celsius, do not take into account the complexity of many inter-related geological processes on the planet. The fact that such a model can not adequately predict the scale of the possible consequences. The study's authors say that the truth is far worse than any model can demonstrate.

As the world changed?

The study authors reviewed the darkest scenario of all. It begins with the fact that all world leaders continue to "politely ignore the" statements of scientists on global climate change, and especially the need to reduce the amount of emissions into the atmosphere, and are in no hurry with the search for alternative energy sources. Such omissions of heads of state would raise the average temperature by 3 degrees Celsius by 2050.

Our civilization could disappear as early as 2050

It may look like the city of the future

By this time the ice sheets on the planet will disappear completely, and droughts and fires completely destroyed "lungs of the planet" - the jungle of the Amazon. Our planet is getting hotter, and lives at risk. 35% of the land area and 55% of the world's population will be exposed to more than 20 days of deadly heat in the year, and this is known to be above the threshold of human survival.

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Raising the temperature will be the cause of climate refugees, along with a sharp reduction in access to food and water. It is extremely probable armed conflicts over resources, and it is possible that the climax will be a nuclear war. Human civilization, as we know it will sink into oblivion.

Is it possible to avoid disaster?

Meanwhile, drought, floods and forest fires regularly devastate our planet. Almost a third of the land surface of the world is becoming a desert. Forest fires in Siberia and the Amazon, the destruction of ecosystems, loss of coral reefs, pollution and melting of Arctic ice scientists make predictions very believable.

Our civilization could disappear as early as 2050

If you do not reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, we are bound waiting for the end of civilization

To avoid disaster, the international community must immediately recognize the fact of climate change and to take urgent measures, as occurs in emergency situations. According to the authors, mankind is left for about ten years, to undertake a global transition of the world economy to a system with zero-carbon.

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The new document supported Admiral Chris Barrie - Chief of Defense of Australia and retired senior commander of the Royal Navy. Barry testified before the Australian Senate about the devastating possibilities that climate change poses to national security and the well-being of human civilization. Do you think we are doomed?