Soon the space hotel will be in an orbit with an artificial gravity

Let's talk about the ideal vacation in a perfect hotel. Well, that view from the window was so dizzying, as far as possible. For example, as a species on this planet or space open spaces with the International Space Station (ISS). Starting from 2025, a very wealthy people will be able to plan trips, not only in exotic countries, but also directly at the Earth's orbit. The American company The Gateway Foundation in its Twitter has published a concept of this space hotel with artificial gravity. I must say that this looks like a space station, named after the German scientist Werner von Braun was not the way we used to.

Soon the space hotel will be in an orbit with an artificial gravity

The concept of space hotel

Who came up with the space hotel?

The father of the American space program, the developer of the first ballistic missile Wernher von Braun as a Soviet scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky dreamed about building a space station. According to them, the space station had to allow us to better consider and explore the vastness of space. Despite the fact that Werner von Braun was, as he himself said, he forced tarnished relations with the Third Reich, after the war, he was accepted into NASA and became a well-known American scientist. The hotel will be part of its space heritage.

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Space stations in orbit of the planet erected since 1971. The first Soviet space station "Salyut" was replaced by the American Skylab. Later it took place Skylab space station "Mir". And after the fall of the USSR and the station "Mir", since 1998, the US and Russia joined China and Japan. So, thanks to the joint efforts of the ISS appeared. Today, people live and work a long time on the ISS, and recently there have even been sent organelles - tiny cellular structures that emit brain waves. Let us discuss these and other experiments that are held on the ISS, in our Telegram-chat.

Differences between the space station and the space hotel

As we know, space stations are not like hotels. Firstly, there is no gravity, and secondly, the very situation is not very favorable to ensure that lie on the sofa, for example. Of which there is also no.

Soon the space hotel will be in an orbit with an artificial gravity

So the ISS looks inside. Great place, however, with a deluxe room in a luxury hotel can not be compared

Employees The Gateway Foundation decided to fix it. According to their idea, the station will be of a giant wheel with a diameter of 190 meters, which will be rotated, creating a gravitational force (similar to the gravity of the Moon). And all around on three decks of 24 separate modules with sleeping facilities and aids, which will accommodate about 400 people will be accommodated.

Representatives of the company compared to a hotel with a cruise ship. Thus, in the space hotel will house a restaurant, bars, movie theaters and even playgrounds for lectures and seminars. Hotel Room named Wernher von Braun will look like this:

Soon the space hotel will be in an orbit with an artificial gravity

The concept of rooms at the hotel named Wernher von Braun

Some of the units can be sold as apartments. Others will be available for research to businesses and governments.

The hotel's interiors are created using modern natural materials, which will replace the stone and wood, and will be lightweight and easy to clean. Warm lighting, colors and textures will add coziness.

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What to do in a space hotel?

To the guests of the hotel space are not bored, the designers plan to allocate a place for entertainment and even a sports ground with a low gravity for the game of basketball or jumping on a trampoline. Still there will be climbing and play interactive games.

Soon the space hotel will be in an orbit with an artificial gravity

Hotel von Braun modules will look like this

Developers plan to use automated systems when space hotel construction. It should be noted that the company Orbital Construction specially designed space construction equipment for the construction of the space station.

In the future, Gateway Foundation The company intends to build a large space station, as in the space tourism demand is growing. Their next station class is called The Gateway, and will be able to accommodate more than 1,400 people.

Space Hotel Gravity wheel

Soon the space hotel will be in an orbit with an artificial gravity

Gravity at the wheel

Note that the most important thing in this whole story - the artificial gravity. Ways to create unreal gravity are very different from those that are shown in most films, where gravity generate any device. A forced draft will be created thanks to the rotation of the station. So this hotel could really relax and have a good night's sleep. As the saying goes, every whim for your money.