What is the Doomsday Clock? Little-known facts and opinions

More than sure that many of you have heard about the Doomsday Clock - ominous name of some obscure hours, which are constantly transferred closer to midnight. In fact, it is more interesting phenomenon than the mention in a periodic news reports. In addition, the clock is not only forward, there were adjustments in the opposite direction. What it depends on what kind of hours when they came and why they should not be afraid? We answer all questions in this article.

What is the Doomsday Clock? Little-known facts and opinions

Colorful scenario destroy everything on earth

What is the Doomsday Clock?

You might think that Doomsday Clock is a real watch, which are somewhere or hang. In reality, they exist only on the cover, is a project of the University of Chicago. In fact, they carry with them not even time, and mathematical probability. Midnight on the clock means nuclear cataclysm and, in fact, the end of the world. The clock is closer to the mark, the more likely a sad outcome. Sometimes, the clock moves back. The fact that the movement of the shooter is not one-sided, is another confirmation of the fact that their position indicates it is the probability of the end, not a speedy inevitable end. The clock is not ticking, and make it clear that the probability of doomsday is highest.

Oddly enough, the clock was invented by the people who invented the atomic bomb. Just then, they have established in 1947 at 23:53, but quickly moved to 23:57, when in 1949 the Soviet Union tested its first atomic bomb.

What is the Doomsday Clock? Little-known facts and opinions

to enchant the beauty of the deadly phenomenon

The question arises why the clock at the beginning have been established precisely at 23:53. The answer is you do not like ... This was done for a reason. Just someone decided that it was 7 minutes before the nuclear disaster - it looks nice. That is why on the cover of the "Bulletin" adorned a clock with that time on the dial. No hidden meaning.

An example of a peaceful, albeit senseless use of nuclear weapons: Donald Trump proposes to deal with hurricanes nuclear bombs

In the early years of the hours of the decision to transfer them took sole editor in chief. After his death in 1973, a decision is made on Science and Security Council. This Council is composed of experts and scholars from very different areas of science. We can say that this watch has become more accurate.

How long does it show Doomsday Clock

Translating the arrows on the 4 minutes forward in 1949 did not result in the clock to the nearest point on the end of the world. After just 4 years after the United States and the Soviet Union at about the same time we experienced a thermonuclear bomb. Then watch and have been translated into 23:58. The truth later, they were twice transferred to five minutes ago. It happened in 1960 and 1963.

In the first case, it was due to the realization of world public danger of the uncontrolled use of atomic weapons. Awareness was reflected in a large number of statements of various politicians on this subject. In the second case, the United States and the Soviet Union signed a treaty banning nuclear weapons tests. Translation hours ago did not prevent the Cuban missile crisis. Tension has risen rapidly, but also quickly and slept. The publication did not have time to respond to the threat.

What is the Doomsday Clock? Little-known facts and opinions

A visual example of how scientists transferred Doomsday Clock

In the future, on the translation of hours affected and conflict of interests in Vietnam, India and test its first nuclear bomb, and much more. The safest began in 1991, when the US and the USSR signed an agreement on strategic arms reduction. It marked the end of the Cold War, and allowed to reset the clock to 23:43.

It is worth noting that in addition to the threat of a nuclear strike one of the parties, on the day of judgment influenced hours, although to a lesser extent, the ability to repel these attacks. The development of air defense systems weakened a little tension.

Now the doomsday clock is set to 23:58. This is due to a lot of stress in the world, caused by the clashes in the Middle East, North Korea tested its nuclear weapons and the trade wars of some countries, the largest of which is the conflict the United States and China. In addition, now Doomsday Clock affect not only the position of the arms market, but also other factors.

What affects the Doomsday Clock

According to the authors of hours the main factor influencing the position of the hands was just the nuclear threat. In 2007, the approach has changed a bit. According to the authors of the "Bulletin", humanity is slowly but surely moving towards catastrophic climate change. Now they have started to affect the clock. Later the same was considered the position in society of different countries and some other factors. Against the background of relative stability in the area of ​​strategic weapons, change the remaining time until midnight, you can change just the inclusion of new variables into account.

Since 1991, the clock is 9 times, of which the arrow once swung back. It happened in 2010, when the US promised to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and began to negotiate with Russia to sign a new treaty on strategic offensive arms (START).

Since 2017 a new tradition to translate the clock to 30 seconds. Gap until midnight less, and it is necessary to reduce a step. It is possible that soon will be translating for 10 seconds, and then one by one.

It is necessary to be afraid of the Doomsday clock

Not so long ago appeared an article on our site in which I cited examples of the promised end of the world. Then, as an epilogue, I said that the end of the world is inevitable, but it should not be afraid. At the very least, we should not be afraid of him at a specific date. The probability of its occurrence in an infinite future, even in probability theory is absolute. Is it easier for you from the realization that in many billions of years the sun, like all stars, will explode and the world will end? I, frankly, do not care that there will be. Will express our Telegram-chatting opinion about it.

What is the Doomsday Clock? Little-known facts and opinions

It looks like underwater atomic explosion.

Similarly, it is not necessary to be afraid of, and what hours marching ever closer to midnight. The closer they come to it, the greater the resistance will be met by their arrows. It is one thing to swing nuclear fists as before the collision is still far, and quite another when a finger is brought above the button. At the helm of the nuclear powers are people who understand that after hitting the other members of the club will be followed by the answer and it's over. There will be no matter what happens. That's why they will not allow such a collision. In a nuclear war there is no winner. I do not know what weapons will fight in World War III, but the fourth will fight with sticks and stones - Albert Einstein about the global threat of the use of powerful weapons.

In this scenario, more likely, I think, a mistake someone in charge of the air defense system. Although, in this age of technology, there are certain systems that do not allow just one conditional sergeant to make a mistake in a game with such high stakes.

Let's Throw this option too and will live peacefully next. We and others have enough problems to worry about what we can not change.