People go to bed late, because they are afraid of death

Almost all of us love to sleep in the morning but in the evening to go to bed no hurry to sleep. The article about the increase in sleep duration in adolescents, we mentioned that the school-age young people at night to carry out homework and sit in social networks. Adults are people, according to data published in the scientific journal The Journal of General Psychology of research results, are not willing to go to bed early for fear of death. The fact is that in the dream the people is not in the conscious state of awareness and yet it is, in fact, is life. Thus, a lot of people without even noticing want more time in awareness and therefore go to bed later than others.

People go to bed late, because they are afraid of death

Subconsciously, people believe that spending less time to sleep, they live longer

But really, people spend a lot of time in dreams. According to statistics, depending on the duration of his life, every man is in the dreams of 15 to 30 years. During sleep, people in addition to typesetting forces practically do anything useful - so why not give up the dream and do not improve your life? So, probably, I think our brains, but postponing a hike to sleep, most people simply spend time wasted. But later, going to sleep and emptying in the morning, they deprive your body is extremely important for the life of leisure.

Why do people sleep a little?

This conclusion was made by researchers who conducted a survey among 229 volunteers. During the research, scientists have found out how much the subjects afraid of death, and how well they sleep. Collected leaves to a survey, the researchers noticed the close relationship between statements like "I am concerned about the inevitability of death," and "I go to bed later than I would like." It is noteworthy that the same answer to these questions predominantly male. Women are likely to fear death much less.

People go to bed late, because they are afraid of death

The fear of death is called thanatophobia

From all this we can conclude that those who fear the death of a man trying to spend less time on sleep and thus free up more time for life itself. But remember, if you know a lot of people who at night make something useful for your life? Probably not - most just runs into the kitchen for a snack or watching sitcoms. So why it is better not to waste time on a night's rest and a good night's sleep in the morning?

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Why there is no death?

Solve the problem with fear of death is not so easy. Perhaps someone will calm theory of American scientist Robert Lanza that people themselves invented death, and it does not actually exist. He was confident that we since childhood identify ourselves with the body and, therefore, believe that if our heart and other organs stop working, it will mean that we are dead and we no longer exist. In fact, it may happen that after stopping the human mind and heart continue to live simply moved to one of the many parallel realities. Robert Lanza theory is very interesting, so I recommend reading about it in our dedicated article.

However, late going to bed can be explained not only by the fear of death, but also the division of people into "owls" and "larks". People in the first group prefer to get up early and go to bed early, but the second - late fall, and get up late. Let's think why some of us in the evenings in no hurry to go to bed? His observations can share in the comments or in our Telegram-chat.