Is it true that malnutrition leads to depression?

Scientists from around the world have repeatedly proven the link between malnutrition and the occurrence of depression. However, it still was not clear - whether depression is a cause of eating junk food, or love of fast food, and other harmful foods leads to mental disorders? Find the answer to this question is decided by Australian scientists, a little research with the participation of several dozen volunteers. The results of work may make you give up the chips and other unnatural food and interested in proper nutrition.

Is it true that malnutrition leads to depression?

Depressed people are more prone to irregular diet

To participate in the study, 76 students were invited, who were previously observed some symptoms of depression. As with most such studies, the participants were divided into two groups. The first group of students began to test and continued to eat without any changes. That is, if they wanted to eat the harmful fast food, they could do it without any problems. Members of the second group, in turn, got a strict diet with an abundance of exceptionally natural and healthy products.

A simple way to get rid of depression?

Three weeks later, the scientists invited the subjects to themselves. It turned out that the second group of students, who adhere to a healthy diet, over time, began to feel much better. At the same time, young people from the first group are still felt by the symptoms of depression. After 21% of the participants in the second group continued to adhere to proper diet and felt the positive effects, scientists have been able to put forward a very interesting suggestion. In their opinion, it is the wrong diet is the cause of depression, but not vice versa. By the way, scientists have previously examined the relationship of depression and dependence on smartphones

The consequences of malnutrition

However, the results of the research so far is debatable. Even the researchers noticed that the cause of improving the condition of the students could be a placebo effect. The fact that they were aware that the transition to a healthy diet - even the awareness of this fact could improve their health. In addition, the study involved only seven dozen people, and for the final verdict of the need of more extensive work.

Is it true that malnutrition leads to depression?

Proper nutrition is able to save people from depression

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However, the results still can not fully depreciate. Unhealthy diet with lots of fatty, overly sharp and unnatural food undoubtedly harm the human body. For example, in one of our materials, we told about the dangers of semi-finished products. Numerous studies have shown that eating processed food can lead to the development of cardiovascular disease. It is also unhealthy diet almost always leads to obesity - a couple of weeks, you can gain a kilogram of excess weight.

The best diet

Many might be wondering - what foods students eat a proper diet? According to the researchers, their diet includes a variety of foods from the so-called Mediterranean diet. We are talking about bread and pasta, fruits, olive oil, dairy products like yogurt and cheese, as well as moderate amounts of fish and different kinds of meat.

Is it true that malnutrition leads to depression?

The components of the Mediterranean diet. Source: Pinterest

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