35 signs that you have matured

35 signs that you have matured

1. You have finally come to terms with the fact that you have no chance to get acquainted with Alain Delon. Claude Van Damme and Oleg Menshikov.

2. At least once you've changed your mind on an important issue.

3. You do not burn in the sun "by accident".

4. Did you know that Versace and Armani - no island in the Mediterranean Sea.

5. Sometimes, on Saturdays you stay at home and receive from it a real pleasure.

6. Do you happen to drink champagne sitting in the bath.

7. Do you go to the same barber, and he knows you by name.

8. Do you always - and not just through -good turns out, at least one delicious dish.

9. You have the house has at least one is not dead plants.

10. Your nose will no longer seem to you too long or not sufficiently direct.

11. Do you happen to receive a bouquet of flowers from a man who wished to remain anonymous.

12. You know exactly what day to start "your days"

13. Do you find the same glasses for six guests.

14. You do not kompleksuesh longer because he never learned to play the guitar.

15. Do you know how to interrupt a prolonged telephone conversation without offending the interlocutor and not feeling like a villain.

16. You always have ready a new pair of tights.

17. You do not feel obliged to justify to anyone else, if you like to watch stupid television series. 18. You have a shoe more than a pair for every season.

19. You know how to say "no" without fear.

Stroke 20. Thee happened that are usually neglazhenym (jeans, for example).

21. Do you like to make generous gifts without expecting to get an expensive thing in return.

22. You've a dinner at the restaurant.

23. Do you remember that wore that now again fashionable.

24. You do not become a flirt with a casual acquaintance.

25. Did you get rid of at least one of the bad habits.

26. Did you manage to develop the at least one healthy habit.

27. You do not practice tolerance and good nature, when you are poorly served

28. You have replaced disposable tablecloth linen: with them in the house more comfortable.

29. Do you ever tasted raw fish (frog legs, oysters).

30. Do you read the menu in other languages, and about unfamiliar dishes boldly ask the waiter.

31. Do you possess in perfection the art of eye shadow and cast shadow.

32. Did you have at least one truly terrible novel.

33. Did you have at least one truly beautiful novel.

34. You begin to buy less. but more expensive.

35. You pull reread the classics, which you hated in school.