40 facts about Eminem

40 facts about Eminem

1. Eminem is in "Guinness Book of Records" as the sold-out hip-hop artist in the world (approx .: no one before him did not receive such an honor).

2. One of the conditions, before being signed by "Shady Records" - is participating in Battle against Eminem.

3. During the filming of "8 Mile" Eminem wrote lyrics for soundtracks in the breaks. When work resumed, the members of the film crew had to literally pull out of the hands of his Marshall notes to somehow draw attention ...

4. Little Eminem was lethargic and would sometimes sing myself some tune under his breath, not knowing that it thus slyshut all around. The habit of to mutter under his breath it has remained to this day.

5. Eminem present Scottish and Welsh roots.

6. false information on the death of Eminem mentioned 5 times, including 4 times - was killed in a car accident, 1 time - from a drug overdose.

7. Marshall - a fan of the movie "Spider-Man" ( "Spider-Man"), but the most favorite movie - a "The Matrix" ( "The Matrix"), are also on the list favorite movie EM'a included - "How High" and "Orange Country".

8. Eminem by religion - the Baptist (as his mother and other members of her family), but it's not too religious. Kim (his wife Ema) - Catholic, but it also is not religious. 9. Eminem wears glasses, because he myopic.

10. My favorite porn actress Ema - Janet Jacme (Janet Dzhesmi).

11. Eminem eldest D12 team member (1972), Kon Artis - the youngest (1978).

12. Eminem's relatives as a child his name was Mikk, and due to the fact that the young Marshall was big ears.

13. The first concert of, for which he got - the performance of Run DMC, Big Daddy Kane and Queen Latifah in Detroit.

14. Contrary to all the rumors, Marshall made no attempt suicide - he took pills to numb the depression, but it ended up overdosing. He was happy to wake up the next day.

15. Elton John (Elton John) - wrote the song "Rocket Man" - and dedicated her Eminem.

16. Favorite songs of EM'a under which he likes to dance it - Busta Rhymes - "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See".

17. Favorite drink Eminem - "Mountain Dew".

18. For his role in the "8 MILE" Eminem received 3 million dollars.

40 facts about Eminem

19. Size Clothing worn by Eminem - XXL.

20. Auto EM'a - Purple "FORD MUSTANG-2" 99th year, was sold at auction for $ 900 .

21. For the filming of the movie "8 Mile" Eminem had to lose weight to 76.20 kg to 65.8 kg.

22. Eminem and his daughter Hayley has a cat, whose name is Tigger is. 23. Eminem enables quiet neighbor kids to play in his backyard basketball.

24. Personal tattoo Eminem's name Mr. Cartoon He lives in California. Also, this person does this tattoo rap artists like xzibit, Cypress Hill, and many others.

25. Marshall constantly reading different dictionaries, that he devotes a few hours and my free time in the evening - so he extends your vocabulary for the rhyming.

26. You can hear the voice of Hailey in a track "My Dad's Gone Crazy" (the last track from the album "Eminem Show"). While Eminem has created and mixed the track "Soldier" (all from the same album), his daughter was there and said - "Somebody, Please Help Me".

27. Song, which plays in the background in the monastery "Kiss" ( "Eminem Show"), called "Everyone's Lookin 'At Me". Initially, the track was intended as a soundtrack for the film "The Wash" ( "wash"), but has not been installed.

28. Dr. DRE and Jimmi Iovine were backstage during the award ceremony "Oscar", when EM was getting one of statuettes won. In any case - if Eminem did not show to the ceremony.

29. Eminem recorded all 3 verses to track "Lose Yourself" for the every.

40 facts about Eminem

30. One of the Grammy, won in 2000, Eminem has presented his manager - Paul Rosenberg (Paul Rosenberg). 31. Universal and Interscope at first convinced Em use "Cleanin out my Closet" as the title theme to the "Eight Mile". But then he decided that a very personal thing for this film. Representatives of the company disappointed because they thought "Cleanin out my Closet" a great song and did not believe that GM will be able to write something close. Then Eminem wrote a "Lose Yourself".

32. Eminem has a double, the name Joe Pace (Joe Pace), it ~ 19 years, he was with Eminem on tour "The Anger Management Tour". He also performed with EM'om on "MTV Awards 2002", the song "Without Me", where Joe was dressed in a suit "Rap Boy". But the main task and work double - a to distract bothersome media from this EM'a.

33 members D12, thought that Proof first to break through to stardom. The fact that the Am became the first, was a surprise to everyone, because at that time it was not the most notable participant, and no it is not "set".

34. The first option Eminem and Dr. Dre on the role of Stan in the same clip fell on Macaulay Culkin ( "Home Alone"). But later, Dre finally chose Devon Sawa (Devon Sawa), because he looked more organic in that role. Eminem made a test video, which he portrayed as playing Stan, Devon played absolutely just.

35. At the platinum bracelets and rings that EM usually wears the inscription "DAD" - "PA". 36. Eminem to adopt the baby sister - twins Kim.

37. Eminem preferred brand cars "Ford". Nevertheless, his friends say, he does not like to drive.

38. Walks rumor that the EM composed for the performers such as - LL Cool J (for its response to diss Canibus'a), participated in the composition of virtually all tracks Ap. Dre on his Albom - "2001" ( ". Chronic 2001") + for his upcoming album "Detox". He also wrote for the "50Cent" - fifty dollars he says that EM made some changes in his poetry, in order to make "flow" better.

40 facts about Eminem

39. When Dre first met Em, he was a dressed in a tracksuit yellow issued sponsor him because of money on normal clothes when he was. Dre thought that guy like a banana.

40. Louise Presto (Luis Presto) named style works Eminem "Classic Hip-Hop" because the EM tools used "live" with a minimum of sampling.