40 facts about women

40 facts about women

1. A woman never takes off shirt, clutching at his back.

2. Women do not scratch their head. Firstly, they do not like to show their confusion, and secondly, it spoils the hair.

3. A woman often reels up hair locks, even short, on the finger or a brush of hair tickles his cheek. Men are so rarely done.

4. The woman had not really understand why players, lining the wall, do such ridiculous hill palms. So she does not flinch when a movie character gets hit in the crotch boot.

5. Female no bites cigarette teeth. She does not leave her in the mouth, and always holds in his hand.

6. Yawning, a woman covers her mouth with his hand, not a fist.

7. Taking a bath, a woman - whether a long-haired, short-haired or had been ill with typhus - always pulls on his head amateur similarity of a turban from a towel, at least for one minute. The causes of this east ritual are unknown.

8. The woman practically does not irritate, when the laundry is stuck between the buttocks. The fair sex with pleasure is all of these torture devices, entitled "bikini". In addition, usually the woman is not trying to discreetly correct underwear behind, rising from his chair.

9. swinging to throw something, a woman removes her hand sideways and backwards. That's why the ladies never send to blow up tanks.

10. Women like these torn brooms, from which so much garbage. They call them "compositions from dry flowers". 11. greeted by the hand, she almost does not shake it. About female handshake poet Voloshin said that it looks like "on the pop-dead baby."

12. Turning to the call, the woman usually turns only a head. Man unfolds and the body, because it has much less flexible neck.

40 facts about women

13. Women are afraid of spiders, worms and mice. They also do not like caterpillars, even very beautiful.

14. The vast majority of women believe that water to wash with soap and water is harmful (What exactly they wash - look in the bathroom).

15. Having sex, she thinks about whether it looks nice.

16. On the proposal to show the man's hands honestly pulled open palms. Woman stretching out their hands, palms down, apparently in order to demonstrate irreproachable manicure and size of brilliants.

17. Words that woman says, hitting thumb with a hammer, you can skip without censorship on the air, "Good night, kids ..." What they say in such cases, a man can not be broadcast.

18. Women open beer bottle opener for beer bottles.

19. Women have dominated the thoracic type of breathing. The men in the process of respiration is actively involved abdominal muscles.

20. Women do not like when they have free hands. Therefore, they always carry a purse - to pull her strap to hold the edge and dig in it infinitely. For lack of a handbag fit anything - a fan, gloves, book, flower. 21. Go up or down the mountain women try sideways. Men just wider straddle.

22. Treat your women prefer heels, turning his back. Men simply turn raised foot.

23. By his genitals at women quite indifferent, detached attitude, they are almost strangers to each other. Women do not talk to them, do not give them playful nicknames, do not take offense at them.

24. On a hot pebble or sand woman walking on tiptoe. Man only comes on the heels.

25. Sitting down, women compress knees or simply hold them in parallel. Therefore, in public transport have a neighbor lady preferred.

26. Stretching, men scatter or raise their hands, and women bend their elbows pressed to his sides.

27. The desire for compromise inherent in the female sex, affects in how they tell obscene jokes. They may decide to publicly share even the most greasy anecdote. But the key word mutter incoherently so that no one will understand. More often, they are trying to convey obscene highlight facial expressions, gestures and desperate expression.

28. The belt on the robe tied above the navel women and men - below.

29. If a woman on the street unbuttoned his pants, Rostral rather indifferent react to this fact and calmly zastegnet pants.

30. Ears woman plug fingers, and men - in his hands.

31. When you ask a woman to give you a lighter, she passes you a lighter, and does not check your leaping ability and reaction.

40 facts about women

32. If a man from a female perspective, very little left in the process of development from the apes, we, for our part, we can also point out some atavism inherited our ladies Quadrumana inherited from ancestors. For example, spend hours looking at its coat male insects. In the absence of small arthropods, women are satisfied acne and pimples.

33. Dressing, a woman wears a shirt first, then - pants. Men usually do the opposite.

34. Gloves woman clothes before going outside.

35. Lifting a heavy object, the woman will try to move it to the side. A man carries the weight ahead.

36. Trifle and large bills women prefer to wear at the same place. They rarely ring pockets.

37. When punching a woman exposes a thumb forward.

38. When women sit, they have a habit of tucking under her feet, and rest against a heel in a crotch. Men such does not allow.

39. To overcome the wet linen manually, a woman undertakes it with palms up, man - palms down.

40. And again, after sex woman wants to sleep, but to talk and kiss.