75 things happy childhood

75 things happy childhood

Things to do with your child to happy childhood memories remain for a lifetime:

1. To let sunbeams.

2. Watch how the seeds germinate.

3. At high slip ice mountains.

4. Bring to the frost and place in the water branch.

5. Cut the jaw from orange peels.

6. Look at the stars.

7. shade coins and leaves hidden under the paper.

8. Shake the pencil to make it appear that he was flexible.

9. Leaky icicles under running water.

10. Prepare a burnt sugar on a spoon.

11. Cut garland paper men.

12. Show shadow theater.

13. To start up pancakes on the water.

14. Draw a cartoon to notebook fields.

75 things happy childhood

housing 15. To arrange in the box of the refrigerator.

16. Tat wreaths.

17. Make the eruption of citric acid and soda.

18. Show the focus from the electrified paper figures.

19. Write a blueprint.

20. Make bryzgalki from bottles and arrange battle.

21. Listen to the birds singing.

22. To let the chips with the flow, dig canals and dams do.

23. Build a tent.

24. Shake the tree branch, when the child is standing under it and arrange leaf (snow, rain). 25. Watch the sunrise and sunset.

26. Admire the moonlight.

27. A look at clouds and think, what they look like.

28. Make a vane and a trap for the wind.

29. Shine flashlight in darkness.

30. Do octopus dandelion and pupae from the hips.

31. Go on a fishing trip.

32. Leave the body prints in the snow.

75 things happy childhood

33. Feed the birds.

34. Do sekretiki.

35. Build a house of furniture.

36. Sit by the fire. Toast the bread on a twig.

37. Launch a kite.

38. Spin the child's hands.

39. Build a sandcastle. Burrow. Dig deep well to reach the water.

40. Sitting in the dark, by candlelight.

41. Making the hell out of the soapy hair.

42. Blowing into an empty bottle.

43. To repeat one word over and over again, that it has turned into another.

44. To publish the winning cry Comanche.

45. Marvel at their giant shadows and play with shadows catch-up.

46. ​​Go to the center of the puddles.

47. Make notes of milk.

48. Arrange storm in a teacup.

75 things happy childhood

49. The buried treasure in a plate of porridge.

50. Explains signs.

51. Make spouts from krylatok maple Order of thistles, earrings of cherries. 52. Blowing on a piece of fluff.

53. Leave a blade of grass in an anthill, and then try to formic acid.

54. There orpin suck resin lick birch juice and maple syrup, chewing on a blade of grass.

55. Squeeze molds cookies.

56. strung berries on a blade of grass.

57. Play Cyclops.

58. Sing the chorus.

59. Fix a favorite toy.

60. Blow bubbles.

61. dress up a Christmas tree.

75 things happy childhood

62. Whistle through pod acacia.

63. make a dollhouse.

64. Climb up a tree.

65. Play in ghosts.

66. Coming up with costumes and dress up.

67. Talk about dreams.

68. Knock in makeshift drum.

69. Bleed the sky balloon.

70. To organize a children's holiday.

71. See the world through the colored glass.

72. Drawing on the sweaty glass.

73. Jump into piles of autumn leaves.

74. Start a meal with dessert.

75. To put on the clothes of the child.