In some countries, adultery is a national custom

In some countries, adultery is a national custom

1. In the north of Kamchatka, among small nationalities coastal Koryak, for many centuries was regarded as a great honor that the guest enters into an intimate relationship with the owner and his wife. To this end, the wife tried to look to welcome such a seductive, that he could not resist the temptation.

When a year later in a friendly hostess appeared on the stranger's child, the event celebrated the whole village as a great and long-awaited holiday. What is the reason? With the natural problems of closed ethnic group. Koryak babies born frail, sick and often die. Therefore, the involvement to "love the process," even a random person from here considered a boon, bordering on the miraculous.

2. But the mainland Eskimos of Alaska and the Chukchi reindeer herders of old practiced the transfer of their wives in short-term lease. When the representative of a stronger clan was going to fish, he can always take a wife of someone from those that he strongly suggested. For hunting while the woman struggled to not only be a wonderful hostess, but also a passionate lover. And it's not in the loose morals of northern peoples, but also, as in the Koryak, in caring for the health of their future offspring. 3. The principles of sexual hospitality are well known, and the Australian Aboriginal tribe Arunta. Within a closed kind of living here often and extremely easy to share their wives. Just out of respect for each other. However, assuming that you like to the owner and he really wants to bring you joy. In this case, to refuse the offer of sexual services a black beauty was simply impossible. Outraged husband could easily interpret this refusal only as utter contempt for himself and his family.

4. Something similar was practiced in the valleys of the mountain in Tibet. It is also believed that if a guest "laid eyes" on another man's wife, then, is the supreme will of the gods of the Buddhist pantheon, and this is a very good sign, promising different benefits to the people. Tibetans generally believed that women are just as long is admirable as it is for someone desirable.

It not by chance is considered bad form to marry virgins. When this fact became known, then a married couple banished from the village. Whatever it was, the ancient custom created for potential brides serious, sometimes insoluble problems. The fact is that before the wedding, she had to surrender at least two dozen men. In practical terms, it seemed deserted Tibet incredibly complex. Should alone or with a puzzled mother to go to steep mountain trails, day and night waiting for the rocks passing travelers, struggling to appease them and then beg the newly Cavaliers some trifle. Let's say, a plain mirror, discreet beads, cheap bracelet. Not only in the memory. Mainly to confirm the stern elders intercourse occurred at least 20 times - the number of gifts.

Well, after a happy marriage the wife had the duty to behave with the guests so that they have long remained indifferent to the charms of the hostess.