Why are not monkeys turn into a man?

Why are not monkeys turn into a man?

The question is relevant to people who are opponents of the theory of Charles Darwin, as well as for those who are lost in the wilds of the science of biology.

There are several theories to explain this phenomenon. AM Tsarev said that the process of becoming a human monkey is extremely time-consuming and takes about 3 to 5 million years. It was during this time the monkey brain can grow to the size of the human brain skilful.

And when you consider the fact that a skilled person, the brain weight is 650 cubic meters. see, has become a modern Homo sapiens with a brain size of 1300 cc. cm. Only for 2 million years, in such a case, you can make some simple calculations to help you determine the time the monkey turning into a sentient being. Scientific Section 2 million years the difference between the brain of Homo habilis and modern. It turns out that the human brain is increased by only 1 cube. cm. in 3076 years!

Why are not monkeys turn into a man?

It is natural that for such a long period of humanity simply can not observe the same time, like a monkey turns into a man.

Adherents of other theories suggest that the kind of monkeys, from which there was a man in the modern environment simply does not exist. It is assumed that our ancestors were apes or steppe (Australopithecus), or semi-aquatic trupoyadnye monkey. Moreover, the emergence of the human race would have been impossible if not for the change in certain climatic conditions under which the warm swampy change of medium cold pre-glacial biotope. This situation has necessitated the monkeys to fight for survival, and as a consequence - the emergence of the first sentient thoughts and actions. Then for the first production tool was used food. Modern living conditions do not dictate such conditions, so the emergence of a new anthropogenesis (transformation into apes Homo sapiens) does not occur.

As different as were all the theories of the origin of man from apes, whatever the arguments and facts, scientists are not guided, they all agree on one thing. The emergence of the new man from the ape is impossible even for the reason that in the course of evolution were destroyed by the environmental conditions of habitat of these animals. The man took the leading position in the world, and simply will not allow to develop a new kind.

Perhaps Homo sapiens as a species will become extinct in the distant future, and then subject to certain climatic conditions, will be a new individual of the Apes, which is an alternative to Homo sapiens.