Why expensive melon watermelon

Why expensive melon watermelon

comes to the market for fruits and vegetables every second buyer asks himself the involuntary question - why the more expensive melon watermelon? It would seem that the same weight of watermelon on a lot more than any melons, and the taste is not inferior, and therefore should customers prefer, but melons, though more expensive, demand that many puzzling. It turns on the value of melon and watermelon influenced by several factors:

On the same area harvested watermelon harvest in 4-5 times higher than melons. In addition melon more demanding of water, and care. And for the convenience comes at a price.

Watermelons grow well in Russia, and bring melons mainly from Central Asia and the closest to it regions where sunny and dry climate, which leads to higher prices. Due to its strong peel, watermelon less deteriorate during transport, they are not easy to damage than a melon, soft rind that is easily deformed.

Due to the fragility of the melon is stored is much less, so it has to sell at a price that paid off and the missing goods.

Watermelon is considered a natural diuretic, which has beneficial effects on the kidneys. But doctors advise melon consumed in large quantities and after a heavy meal. Therefore, the melon is considered a delicacy, which many do not sesh, which automatically increases the cost.