Before the flood people were giants

Before the flood people were giants

There is overwhelming evidence that people lived on the Earth giants. Archaeological finds from different years, have been found all over the world, podtverzhadayut this fact.

Historical records of the XIX century often report the findings in different corners of the globe skeletons of people abnormally high growth.

In 1821 in the US state of Tennessee found the ruins of an ancient stone wall, and beneath it two human skeleton growth of 215 centimeters. In Wisconsin, during the construction of granaries in 1879 enormous vertebrae and the bones of the skull, "the incredible thickness and size" have been found, as evidenced by the article in the newspaper.

In 1883, Utah was found several burial mounds, which were burial of people of very high growth - 195 centimeters, which is at least 30 centimeters above average growth of aboriginal Indians. The latter do not do these graves and could not report any information about them V1885 year Gasterville (PA) in a large burial mound was discovered a stone vault in which was 215 centimeters tall skeleton on the walls of the tomb were carved primitive images of people, birds and animals.

Before the flood people were giants

V1890 in Egypt, archaeologists found a stone sarcophagus with a clay coffin inside, which contained the mummy two-meter red-haired woman and the baby. Features and adding mummies differed sharply from ancient Egyptian mummies Related men and women with red hair were found in 1912 in Lovloke (Nevada) in a cave carved into the rock. The growth of the mummified woman in his lifetime was two meters, and men - about three meters.

The Australian findings

In 1930, near the Basarsta Australian miners to developments jasper often found fossilized footprints of huge human feet. Rasugigantskihlyudey, whose remains were found in Australia, anthropologists call megantropusami growth of these people ranged from 210 to 365 centimeters. Megantropusy similar to gigantopi-tekami, the remains of which are found in China Based on the found fragments jaws and teeth set, the growth of Chinese giants was 3 to 3, 5 meters and a weight of 400 kilograms Near Basarsta in river sediments were stone artifacts enormous weight and size - baton , Struga, chisels, knives and axes. Modern Homo sapiens could hardly work tools weighing from 4 to 9 kilograms. Anthropological Expedition, a special study of the area in 1985 for the presence of the remains of megantropusov, carried out excavations at a depth of three meters from the ground the Australian researchers found, among other things fossilized molar tooth height 67 and a width of 42 millimeters. The owner of the tooth had to have growth of at least 7, 5 meters the weight of 370 kg! Hydrocarbon analysis identified age of the finds, amounting to nine million years.

Before the flood people were giants

In 1971, a farmer in Queensland Stephen Walker, plowing his field, stumbled upon a large fragment of a jaw with teeth height of five centimeters. In 1979, in the Megalong Valley in the Blue Mountains locals found a huge sticking out above the surface of the creek stone, which could see the imprint of the huge foot with five toes. The transverse dimension of the fingers was 17 centimeters. If the imprint is preserved in full, it would have had a 60-cm length. It follows that the imprint left a man six-meter growth three huge footprint 60 centimeters of the foot were found near Malgoa long, 17 - width. giant step length measured 130 centimeters. Should be preserved in the hardened lava over millions of years, even before it appeared on the Australian continent Homo sapiens (if you count the true theory of evolution). Huge tracks are also found in the limestone riverbed Upper Macleay. Fingerprints these tracks have a length of 10 feet and a width of 25 santimpetrov. Obviously, the aborigines of Australia were not the first inhabitants of the continent. Interestingly, in their folklore there is the legend of the giant humans that lived once in these areas.

Other evidence of giants

In one of the old books, entitled "History and Antiquity", now kept in the library of the University of Oxford, have a report about the discovery of the giant skeleton, made in the Middle Ages in Cumberland. "Giant is buried in the ground to a depth of four yards and is in full military garb his sword and battleaxe buried next to him. skeleton length 4, 5 yards (4 meters), and the teeth "big man" measured 6, 5 inches (17 centimeters) " In 1877, near the Evreki Nevada prospectors worked for washing gold in the desert hilly area. One of the workers accidentally noticed something sticking out over the ledge of the cliff. People climbed onto the rock and were surprised to find human bones of the foot and lower leg with the knee cap. The bone was entombed in the rock, and picks the miners freed her from the rocks. Assessing the unusual finds, workers took her to Evreku Stone, which was walled legs residue was a quartzite and blackened bones themselves that betrayed their advanced age. Leg was broken above the knee and the knee was a fully preserved bones and the leg and foot. Several physicians examined the bones and concluded that the foot is undoubtedly belonged to a man. But the most intriguing aspect of the findings represent shoe size - 97 centimeters from the knee to the foot of the owner of a limb in his lifetime had growth of 3 meters 60 centimeters.

Before the flood people were giants

Even more puzzling turned age quartzite, which have found fossils - 185 million years, the era of the dinosaurs. Local newspapers vying reported sensations. One of the museums sent investigators to the place of discovery, hoping to find the rest of the skeleton. But, unfortunately, nothing else was found.

The 1936 German paleontologist and anthropologist Larson Kohl found the skeletons of giant people on the shores of Lake Eliza in Central Africa. 12 men buried in a mass grave, had during his lifetime increase from 350 to 375 centimeters. It is curious that their skulls were beveled chins and two rows of upper and lower teeth.

There is evidence that during the Second World War on the territory of Poland during the burial of executed fossilized skull of a height of 55 centimeters was found, that is almost three times greater than that of the modern adult. Giant, which belonged to the skull, had very features and proportional increase of at least 3, 5 meters The skulls of giants

Ivan T. Sanderson, a well-known zoologist and frequent guest in the popular 60s American show, "Tonight", one shared with the audience a curious story that he had received from a certain Alan Makshira letter. The letter's author in 1950 bulldozer working on road construction in Alaska It is reported that the workers found in one of the burial mounds two huge fossilized skull, vertebrae and leg bones. Skulls height reached 58 cm, a width of 30 centimeters. Ancient giants possessed a double row of teeth and a disproportionately flat heads in each skull in the upper part there is a neat round hole it should be noted that the custom of deforming the skull of infants, to get their heads as they grow to acquire an elongated shape, there was some Indian tribes of North America. Vertebrae, as well as the skull of a size three times larger than that of modern man. The length of shin bone ranged from 150 to 180 centimeters.

Before the flood people were giants

In South Africa, the diamond developments in 1950 was discovered a fragment of a huge skull height of 45 centimeters. Above the brow were two strange protrusions that resemble small horns. Anthropologists, which came into the hands of a find, determined the age of the skull - about nine million years.

There is good evidence of the discoveries of huge skulls in Southeast Asia and the islands of Oceania.

At the beginning of the XVI century is one discovery led to talk about themselves all the kingdom of France: there was found a complete skeleton of a man of gigantic stature, who lived in a very specific era. It was the king of the Cimbri, one of the two attackers on the Gaul tribes defeated by the Roman general Marius. Abiko Nicolas (Nicolas Habicot) published in 1613, "the Dissertation of the backbone of the giant Tevtoboha (Teutobochus), king of the Cimbri." The skeleton is in fact made a strong impression, because it belonged to a man rising 25 feet. The finding, which was regarded as a genuine, long time and only spoke with the alleged skeleton "Tevtoboha" for several generations took its rightful place in the Museum of Natural History. So even thought in the XIX century, but Cuvier, going up to his study more carefully, found a clever hoax. The famous skeleton presented in September 1842 for consideration by the Academy of Sciences, found himself drawn up from the present fossil bones, but it does not have the bones of a man: it was a mastodon bones ... that is, species of prehistoric giant elephant disappeared even before the mammoths. So clever "rukodelnik" simply figured out how to make the bones "standing" position to the growth and bearing skeleton resembled human backbone.

Before the flood people were giants

are also usually notice that the presence of the giant monuments does not speak in favor of the actual existence of giants. Pyramids and megaliths, of course, are impressive, but there is no evidence to suggest that their creators were of gigantic stature. In the end, the cathedral in Strasbourg - also a huge building, but nevertheless he built quite normal-sized people, but they possessed advanced technology.

And yet there is a very intriguing archaeological discoveries. Archaeologist Burkhalter (Burkhalter) during excavations in Moravia found stone tools that are larger than three by four meters, and the weight was equal to three or four pounds! This, obviously, was a weapon used, rather than the symbolic household utensils; it is clear that having made a votive ax would prove the existence of giants is not greater than the opening in the ancient temple of huge statues. But there is evidence of much better: in Tiahuanaco found a city built based on people whose normal growth was huge - three or four meters.

Give the floor to our friend Marcel Moreau: "Mankind stores in its atavistic memories of these high intelligence giants descended from the gods, giants, who directed and trained people. Mankind remembers paradise lost since the beginning of the original high ordination, which was followed by the fall. "