41 facts about Brazil through the eyes of Russians

41 facts about Brazil through the eyes of Russians

1. In Brazil, no one ever comes on time, if you were invited guests at 6 pm, expect that they will start to slowly gather not previously 8-9. Even the news and soap operas on TV start with 10-15 minutes late.

2. It is not accepted to pay in cash, almost all and always use credit cards.

41 facts about Brazil through the eyes of Russians

3. If you decide to pay in cash, be prepared for the fact that an accurate delivery to you here will not necessarily will miss a couple tsentavov.

4. Spending on travel 3-4 hours a day (in a terrible traffic jam) for the inhabitants of São Paulo - normal things. The 11 millionth city per inhabitant at least 3 cars, thanks to cork from Monday to Sunday provided.

5. The Brazilians love to walk in the street in rubber flip-flops Havaianas (Havayanas). Even in expensive restaurants and nightclubs you can meet people in flip flops.

41 facts about Brazil through the eyes of Russians

6. Guarana (local soda from guarana berries) and Coca-Cola - the most popular soft drinks.

7. To the question: "How are you (Tudo bem)?", There is only one answer - "All is well (Tudo)." Even if things are not quite right, or even bad, you need to answer - "Everything is fine."

8. Monkeys in Brazil is very difficult to find, well, they are not here in the streets. Point!

9. On the streets is very dangerous, so no one ever walks at night through the dark alleys. Do not let children walk alone on the street.

10. In all, even very poor, there is a maid who cleans the apartment and ready to eat.

41 facts about Brazil through the eyes of Russians

11. House There are no carpets on the floor and wallpaper on the walls. Carpets on the walls, of course, are not. 12. Each apartment has at least 2-3 bathrooms, Brazilians are like Russian living in an apartment with one bathroom.

13. Food in Brazil is very monotonous - rice, fried potatoes, boiled beans (not individually but together, once all 3 side dish), salad and roast beef twice a day every day.

14. The street is always and everywhere a lot of beggars and homeless people. Beg, even if you're young and healthy, able-bodied Brazilian, it is not considered shameful.

15. Brazilians are very talkative and sociable people, they begin to talk to each other on the street, in stores, on public transport with or without cause.

41 facts about Brazil through the eyes of Russians

16. On the other hand, harassment on the streets of young people with a proposal to "Girl, let's get acquainted" are strictly taboo.

17. The Brazilians love beer and rum (vodka from sugar cane).

18. The prices for all imported products in Brazil are 2-3 times higher than in all other countries, "thanks to the" 70% -100% gosnalogu levied on all imported goods.

19. B Brazil still has 15% of people who can not read and write, and about 30% of the population are considered functionally illiterate (can not find the information in the read).

20. The Brazilians like to drink coffee at any time of the day or night, even small children are allowed to drink coffee from childhood.

41 facts about Brazil through the eyes of Russians

21. All the sweetness in Brazil by 2-3 times sweeter than candy to which we are accustomed.

22. Even the very old houses in Brazil in in very good condition as each tenant must necessarily pay condominium (fee for maintenance of the building, whiling away the from 20 to 60% of the monthly rent). 23. Favorite activities of the average Brazilian:

but. football viewing with friends and a lot of beer;

b. eating shuhasko (Brazilian barbecue of our species), plus a lot of beer;

at. Beach (where beer consumption is also not possible in some cases, the beer can be replaced with coconut water)

24. The most important holiday of the year - Christmas. New Year is not particularly noted.

25. Most Brazilians - Catholics, about 70% of the population go to church every Sunday.

41 facts about Brazil through the eyes of Russians

26. Traditional Brazilian breakfast - it's cheesy bread (pão de queijo), ripe papaya and a cup of yogurt or a cup of coffee.

27. The Brazilians almost never eat pork, not because of religious beliefs, but they believe the pork fat and heavy food (but "an easy" to digest the beans they are happy to use every day).

28. In the south of Brazil, a lot of blond, blue-eyed Brazilians, not all Brazilians are dark-haired and dark-skinned.

29. The most important part of the female body in Brazil is considered to be the priest, respectively, priests little does not happen. It is believed that the larger it is, the better.

30. Brazil is considered to be blond even people with dark hair color Light Brown. Even owners of chestnut head of hair can go for loiro / loira (blond / blonde) in this part of the world.

41 facts about Brazil through the eyes of Russians

31. Soaps and football are never shown on TV at the same time as viewing both widescreen masterpieces of art is an integral part of everyday life of the Brazilian.

32. Because of the high prices, even for groceries at the supermarket agreed to pay the credit card installments for 2-3 months. In department stores and all prices are written in such a way 20 * 6 (for a total of 120 reais in installments over 6 months). 33. English in Brazil you will not help. Well, quite!

34. Brazilians are real patriots, love their country país maravilhoso abençoado por Deus e bonito por natureza (blessed by God and beautiful by nature). Brasil T-shirt with an inscription and with the Brazilian flag is in the closet of every Brazilian.

35. By the marriage is approached cautiously, prefer to meet 5 or even 10 years before making this decision.

41 facts about Brazil through the eyes of Russians

36. The third child in the family - it is a minimum, virtually no families with 2 children.

37. Despite the large number of poor people and challenges, Brazilians are one of the happiest nations on the planet.

38. During Carnival, the whole country rests (Carnival is a national holiday).

39. The largest Japanese city outside Japan is in Sao Paulo (Liberdadzhe district).

41 facts about Brazil through the eyes of Russians

40. The Brazilians are very temperamental and jealous. Very jealous!

41. The Brazilians are very attached to their families, supported by a very strong relationship, even with distant relatives (aunts, uncles, cousins ​​and brothers).